This week’s Unconscious Mutterings

Here is this week’s episode of Unconscious Mutterings.  As always, if you play along, link yours to Claudia’s Blog.

  1. Love affair :: gone bad
  2. Bubble :: burst
  3. Pimple :: on your nose
  4. Knocks :: hard
  5. Persistent :: keep trying
  6. Infected :: by the crap
  7. Yay! :: for my friends
  8. Repaint :: the ugly walls
  9. Daily :: give thanks
  10. Quickly! :: get ‘er done

We’ve been sitting in Amarillo, TX now for a few days because there is just no freight out there right now.  I’m not sure that we chose a really good time to go out on our own, but it is what it is and we are dealing.  We may be going home a little early for Christmas this year because it is cheaper to sit at my sister’s than it is to sit out here on the road.  At least there we can contribute to groceries and it won’t be $25.oo per meal, which is what it costs us on average per meal out here on the road.

We have been through all kinds of weather in the last month and a half.  I think that winter has finally decided to settle in, at least here.  We came through Wyoming the other day, and the temperature was -18 degree and that was before the wind chill.  Poor little dog went out and couldn’t do her business because it was so cold her poor little feet froze and she went up on two feet and wanted hubby to pick her up.

Amarillo got a little snow on Monday and it was in the 20’s and today actually got up in the 30’s, but there was no wind, so it felt a whole lot warmer than Monday or Tuesday.

I have been doing some Christmas knitting, but not a whole lot.  I decided that the little kids were going to get mittens this year, so I copied a felted mitten pattern out of Ravelry and am now working on the second pair, with one more to go after that, unless I keep the pair I’m knitting now and then I will have to knit two more pair.  I can get a mitten knitted in a few hours as we drive if I can stay off of the computer.

I will post pictures of the knitting as soon as I take some.


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