Unconscious Mutterings and other stuff

We’ll begin this week with some unconscious mutterings:

Red tape ::government
Crush :: orange
Magical ::  OZ
Sticky ::tape
Tile :: ceramic
Doubt :: when in
Inconsistent ::  ly
Kiss :: my husband
Inspiration :: Ravelry
Thanks ::  for the good times

If you want to play, go to Luna Nina and copy the same words that I have.

I’ve been knitting a lot, but haven’t been taking a lot of pictures.  I have done some knitting for KAL’s for Super the Summer Knitaway, and I did Christmas knitting, and also for a swap where I had to spin the yarn and then knit the shawl.

I knit some Clepsydra Mittens as a gift for my niece Lindsey to go with an Emma’s Star hat that I knit her.  Both of the items are knit from  Madelintosh yarn in the Cove colorway.  The hat used the sport weight and the mittens were in DK weight.  I started to do the Beaded Fingerless Mitts, minus beads, but I didn’t have enough of the sport weight and then I mistakenly bought the DK weight because I was buying by color not weight.

I knit the Horizontal Ribbed Hat for my other niece out of Koigu.  The colors in the yarn are blues, browns and yellowy oranges.  It turned out really nice.  I’m doing some fingerless gloves for her, using a basic pattern and then adding a cable up the top of the hand using the same yarn as in the hat and then adding a brown cuff.

I joined the plurk spin/knit along and had to spin the yarn for the shawl and then I had to knit the shawl.  I purchased 12 oz of fiber in two different colors to make sure I had enough for the shawl.  I spun it up and then knitted Kleio out of the yarn I spun.  I say I knitted Kleio, but what I really did is kind of knit the pattern.  Because I was using handspun, at one part of the pattern you are knitting a braid and it was twisting the yarn so badly and not untwisting as promised, that I lost some.  I didn’t have much to lose and so I cut two of the braids out and did other patterning.  I like the shape of it and love the colors, although they aren’t my colors.  I knit it for Beck, on Ravelry she’s Lemonhalf, and she assures me that she loved it.  Here is a picture:

We are getting ready to go home to pick up our mail and to take a trailer load of hay to my aunt and uncle.  We won’t be doing the hay fetching again, at least not from the person they bought it from this time.  He’s a jerk of the first order and it’s taking forever for them to load our trailer.  I’ll do another post from home to show you the swap package I got from Monet.

Also, I have been a member of BzzAgent for a while now.  BzzAgent is a word of mouth advertising kind of thing where you sign up for BzzCampaigns and they either send you products for free to test out or send them to you for a nominal fee.  One of the campaigns that I am involved in right now is about.me.  You can do an about me page for all of your social networking pages and have the info be the same for all of them.  If you are interested, click here


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