One Day Shy

It’s one day shy of 11 months since I posted on my blog…guess it wasn’t as much of a habit as I thought it was.  It’s been an interesting 11 months with some changes, but not as many as I would like.

We are still on the road, still driving a truck and still trying to build our house.  Trying to build the house without a mortgage is trying in these economic times, but we stay on the road and try to stay busy so that we can save money to buy building materials.

I still knit while we drive, but it seems like nothing ever gets finished, or I don’t get pictures of what I’ve knitted or what ever, so I don’t have much to show for knitting.

I did participate in an afghan square knit for a friend who is doing a raffle to raise money for breast cancer.  My square is the one in the lower left corner.  LisaLisa is the one who organized this and she is raffling it off in conjunction with something at Starbucks. This is the blog that she started to show what she was doing and why.  I knit my square in honor of my friends daughter, Laura Kutcha.

We were home in October, and this is the snow that we woke up to one fine Wednesday morning.  DH was going to work on the truck, because the compressor went out on it and we had purchased the new one the day before, but he didn’t because of the 9 inches of snow.

The boy is still home schooled and is finishing up 9th grade.  We don’t necessarily do things in the traditional school year, but we do do things  in a way that works for us.

This is the front of our house.  There is a porch that will sit on those boards that are above the stone foundation rocks.  This is the front of the house and where that big black tarp covered thing is on the deck is the end that has our bedroom.  This end is the kitchen and the living I

This is some yarn that I actually spun myself, and I’m pretty proud of it…


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