It’s been since June since I blogged.  I was going to blog about the house and the progress we’ve made on it, but there hasn’t been a lot, so there’s been nothing to blog about there.  The rest of my life is just that, life…it’s no more interesting than any one else’s, it just happens in more places.

I am going to play Unconscious Mutterings with Claudia today…

  1. Block :: your shawl
  2. Comforter :: quilt
  3. Santa :: Clause
  4. Tape :: your mouth shut
  5. Humor :: is the spice of life
  6. Charity :: for those less fortunate
  7. Receipt :: for your donations
  8. Hospice :: care
  9. Stuffing :: blech
  10. Binge :: eating

As always, if you want to play, link it back to Claudia’s blog so that she knows you played and everyone else can see your answers.

I have some knitting content…finished Wendy Knits Lady Bertram Shawlette a couple of weeks ago and finally got it blocked.  I can’t get flickr to work for me and let me post pictures, so I’m going to either have to use another service, or figure out what flickr is doing.

I’m going to have to play with things so that I can post the pictures of the things that I have.


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