Still in Colorado

I have decided that I might not post every day for NaBloPoMo, but I am posting considerably more than I was before, and that’s a plus. I am getting more in the habit of posting, and again, that’s a plus.

I want to take some pictures of the yarn that I have in the truck so that I can post it, and I might do that when we get back to the truck. I also want to show you what I got at Estes last weekend, and I will try to do that when we get back to the truck.
Here is a picture of the Churro ram that we stood around and admired for several minutes. We were also chatting with the owner about raising and keeping churro, because DH wants them for their wool.
He’s rather good looking, for a great big ram.

This is a picture of our Jack Russell Terrorist, Kenni. She decided that it wasn’t time to get up in the hotel room over the weekend and so she got back under the covers and went back to bed…yes she’s bad, and yes she sleeps under the covers every night.

I went over the the NaBloPoMo website and looked at the prompt for today:  If you could take a train journey through any part of the world, where would you go? Gosh…that’s a little bit of a tough one.  I love our country and would love to go through the northwest on a train and see things that we can’t see from the highway.  I would also love to take a train tour of Ireland because I really want to go there and see the whole of the country.  I would also like to go take one through Europe because I would love to see parts of Europe, especially Germany, France, etc.  See…kind of tough for me because of the amount of places I would like to go.


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