Working on the house

I didn’t get a post up yesterday because we went out with my cousin and enjoyed some wings, fries and beer after they built two beams yesterday.  One of the beams that got put up was 63 feet long.  They built it on Tuesday and then were trying to figure out how to get them up on the posts that are supporting them.They finally decided to cut them in half and then glue, bolt and screw them back together.  That move made them much more manageable and they were able to actually move them around.  You can see the one long one and then the shorter one that is across my kitchen/pantry area.  Here’s another picture of them working really hard:

Both of them are working on gluing or nailing part of the beam and I would probably be censured if they knew I had posted this one.

I promised a panoramic view of my mountains the other day, and I was finally able to get it uploaded this morning, so here it is:

These are the mountains that I will be able to see out my kitchen window, but from a little further away.  This was taken at the end of the street in town and this is the park where things happen when there is a festival or something in town.

Dh and I took a walk around the land the other day and I took pictures of the different flowers that we have.

These are the several varieties of flowers and cactus that we have on our land.  The only one that I know what it is for sure is the Indian Paintbrush that is the last picture in the line up.  The rest of them are just native to the area and are scattered throughout the land.

Well, I’m thinking that DH is getting restless and wanting to go get some work done.  I think that if I can today, I might take some pictures of the yarn that I have gotten in the mail this week and while we were gone.


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