Wow! Day six!

I can’t believe that I have been able to post for six days in a row.  I almost didn’t get to it tonight because we went to church this evening and then instead of coming back to the truck, we decided to go up to my aunt and uncle’s house to pick up our mail.  We then ended up sitting around and visiting for a couple of hours and didn’t get back down here until fairly late.

I promised a picture of what the mountains look like now without all the snow and I finally got some.  I even actually got some pictures of the whole range and was able to stitch them together to form a panorama.  This is the whole of the range of mountains that we see everyday when we are at home.  If I stand where our house is, I can turn about 80 degrees and see the whole of the range.  For some reason, I can’t get the panorama to load to Flickr, so I’m going to give you this picture of the mountains: This was taken at the end of town on the road that runs parallel to these mountains.  I am shooting across the Wet Mountain Valley towards the Sangre De Cristo Mountains…beautiful, aren’t they?

I haven’t been knitting very much because I’ve been waiting for some yarn to finish a baby sweater, and I was trying to beat some yarn into submission and it just wasn’t cooperating.  I have finally started on the pattern that came with the yarn and it’s going much better.  Mine doesn’t really look like the picture on the pattern, but I am following the stitch guide, or as I read it, and it’s close.  I’m loving the yarn that is from Perfect Day Yarns and was one of the colorways that we got from the Dead Poets sock club.  I’m really sorry that Sarah had decided to take a break from the club because that means that I won’t be getting any more surprises from her and her wicked good color sense.  That doesn’t mean that I won’t be ordering from her…I just won’t be getting sock club packages.

I also finally got my Loopy Ewe’s Sock Club Lite tonight and it’s gorgeous.  I know that there are pictures all over Ravelry, and I will get pictures up soon of my kit.  The yarn from String Theory is gorgeous and yummy, the pattern from Wendy Knits is, as always, something that I want to knit and how cool is it that Sheri, the proprietor of the Loopy Ewe, designed a scarf pattern for us?  Anyway it’s a fabulous kit and I’m pretty glad that I didn’t get into the sock club and was able to snatch up one of these kits.

So that I can get this posted on the 6th…even though it is in Pacific Daylight time, I am going to close and post this.


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