I was doing so well

and then I decided that I can’t blog everyday…my life is just not that interesting and to blog just for the sake of blogging is not what I want to do.  So anyway, if I can keep up a pretty reasonable schedule of blogging I will be happy and the fact that I have blogged 15 times this month is pretty good.

We’ve been working on our house, and until yesterday and today, you really couldn’t see the progress because the changes were just little and not very noticeable.  But yesterday we started hanging the floor joists and now you can see some real progress:The floor will sit on top of these and then we’ll have a deck to stand on.  After we get all 47 of them hung we’ll start putting the sub-floor down and then we can take the wall up another 5 feet.

We have a Jack Russel Terrier that I’ve shown before.  One of her character traits is that she is nosy…she has to check everything out.  We were working on the joists and all of a sudden she had walked the beam and jumped up on the joists to see what they were:Now this is something that you would expect from a cat, not a dog because dog’s don’t usually have this type of balance, but here she is.  There is about 14 inches between each of these boards.  She also walks the walls of the house:  and the beams inside the house:

To be fair, I had called her to come to me and that was the only way to get to where I was, but still, she jumps the walls and gets on the beams and walks to where she wants to.

I’ve been helping on the house and even have a hammer of my own…we had to color code them so that we knew who’s was whose…think the boys will use mine?Nope…me either!

We got a picture of a gorgeous sunset tonight and the boy went out and took several pictures of it:

and here’s another one:

I had posted about the Medano Fire and here is a picture of the smoke cloud that we can see sometimes from our house…this one was taken on June 20th, but the link will take you to the current info about it:One of the effects of having a wild fire burning so close to your town is that a bunch of wild land fire crews move in to fight it.  We were having breakfast last Sunday and some people came into the restaurant we were eating at and asked if they would feed up to 130 fire fighters that night for dinner.  Now this is a pretty small establishment and there is usually one waitress and a cook on duty.  There is no way that two people could do that, so DH and I volunteered to come in and help with the serving and dishes.  DH was a sport and spent the whole night washing dishes and we ended up serving 87 dinners to the fire crews.  I bussed tables, filled pitchers, drinks and etc.

Look what my friend Sarah of Perfect Day Yarns dyed for me:  

I asked for a solid or semi-solid brown to complement another of her yarns called Stout Old Ivy to knit one of Wendy’s Patterns, Norwegian Rose Socks.  I love that she named it Mother Trucker cuz it was for me…I LOVE Sarah!!!!!!  Go buy Yarn from her…her cashprose is yummy, as is all of her yarn.

I also was able to get a skein of Wollmeise from a destash:

Makes you want to like the screen, huh?


Still in Colorado

I have decided that I might not post every day for NaBloPoMo, but I am posting considerably more than I was before, and that’s a plus. I am getting more in the habit of posting, and again, that’s a plus.

I want to take some pictures of the yarn that I have in the truck so that I can post it, and I might do that when we get back to the truck. I also want to show you what I got at Estes last weekend, and I will try to do that when we get back to the truck.
Here is a picture of the Churro ram that we stood around and admired for several minutes. We were also chatting with the owner about raising and keeping churro, because DH wants them for their wool.
He’s rather good looking, for a great big ram.

This is a picture of our Jack Russell Terrorist, Kenni. She decided that it wasn’t time to get up in the hotel room over the weekend and so she got back under the covers and went back to bed…yes she’s bad, and yes she sleeps under the covers every night.

I went over the the NaBloPoMo website and looked at the prompt for today:  If you could take a train journey through any part of the world, where would you go? Gosh…that’s a little bit of a tough one.  I love our country and would love to go through the northwest on a train and see things that we can’t see from the highway.  I would also love to take a train tour of Ireland because I really want to go there and see the whole of the country.  I would also like to go take one through Europe because I would love to see parts of Europe, especially Germany, France, etc.  See…kind of tough for me because of the amount of places I would like to go.

Estes and more….

So much for posting every day of NaBloPoMo…but here I am today.  It’s going to be picture heavy, or mostly pictures.

Here are some of the sights from Estes this last weekend:

The Stanley Hotel

The Three Muskateers and me

This is what the river looked like in Estes Park…it was way high and dangerous.

We were chatting and he started yelling at me.  I caught him mid yell.

Look at that face…it’s a Southdown Babydoll sheep and they are sold as pets because they are small and CUTE!!!!

I haven’t taken pictures of the fiber and yarn I got this weekend, but hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to and post some of it.


We drove up to Estes this morning and got to Estes Park in time to go to lunch with three of my friends that I met at the Loopy Ewe’s Spring Fling.  We had lunch at a mexican restaurant in town and then all went back to the fairgrounds to go back to the wool market.  We kind of all split up and then DH and I wandered the market and saw some cool things.  I bought some yarn, some fiber and a few other things.

DH and I have a room in Estes this year and it is nice not to have to drive an hour or so to find a room.  And the hotel is not bad…it’s not great, but it’s not bad.

More about the wool market tomorrow and my finds.

No Work for me today

We didn’t do any work on the house today because we decided that we were going to go to town…that didn’t happen.  My aunt called this morning and asked us to meet them for breakfast and then I was going to her house to bake cookies for the youth group bake sale.  We both went up there and took showers, baked cookies, DH visited with my uncle who has just had his knee replaced and is semi bed ridden and then we helped my aunt feed the horses and move some rocks in the garden.

Last night, after we had finished the beams (all three are up now) we were on the way to town and the mountains looked gorgeous.  DH took this picture on the way in to town.  You can see that the truck was moving because the grass is blurry, but it looked pretty

Sun tipped Sangre's

because the sun was setting and was shining just on the tips of the mountains.

I know I keep posting progress shots of the house, and it really doesn’t look like we have made any, but we have floor beams…three of them:

I know you only see two in this picture, but the two you see are 63 feet long and had to be cut in half to be able to put them up.  DH and my cousin did the closest one, but DH and I did the furthest one yesterday.  We have one post to set, but it is pretty much up and is very steady.

Finally, for today, I followed a link on Plurk to Karen’s blog and found out that she had given me a Beautiful Blogger award and the rules are simple…If I am doing this correctly I have to list 10 little known facts about myself & then nominate 10 people so here goes:

Facts most people don’t know about me:

1.  I love garnets..so much so that it’s the main stone in my engagement ring.

2.  I drive a 15 year old pick up truck.

3.  I like to yak or reprimand potty mouths on the CB radio.

4.  I have a pink hammer.

5.  I used to do Civil War living history and reenactments.

6.  I lust after a newer Ford F-350 pick up truck.

7.  We are going to own Yaks when we are finally done building our house (at least that’s the plan)

8.  I met my current husband, the love of my life, at a civil war encampment.

9.  I am mildly lactose intolerant.

10.  I was raised for my teen years in Mesa Verde and Yellowstone National parks.

Now to nominate 10 blogs that I find beautiful for whatever reason:

Sheri from the Loopy Ewe, My favorite yarn pusher

Mia because I love her photos

Anne because it’s Anne Hanson of Knitspot

Jo of Celtic Memory Yarns for her wit and pictures of Ireland

Annie because she tells it like she sees it, and she inspires me

Ree from the Pioneer Woman because really, it’s THE Pioneer Woman

Lydia because she is amazing and I learn a lot from her

Wendy because I want to be as talented as she is when I grow up

Stephanie because anyone that can admit to being a harlot is ok in my book

and for number 10, I am a slug because I can’t come up with another one

I hope that all those people will see that they have been nominated and will see that I really do admire their blogs.

That’s all for tonight because I need to go back to the truck to get ready leave for Estes Wool Market tomorrow and to see a bunch of my friends.

Working on the house

I didn’t get a post up yesterday because we went out with my cousin and enjoyed some wings, fries and beer after they built two beams yesterday.  One of the beams that got put up was 63 feet long.  They built it on Tuesday and then were trying to figure out how to get them up on the posts that are supporting them.They finally decided to cut them in half and then glue, bolt and screw them back together.  That move made them much more manageable and they were able to actually move them around.  You can see the one long one and then the shorter one that is across my kitchen/pantry area.  Here’s another picture of them working really hard:

Both of them are working on gluing or nailing part of the beam and I would probably be censured if they knew I had posted this one.

I promised a panoramic view of my mountains the other day, and I was finally able to get it uploaded this morning, so here it is:

These are the mountains that I will be able to see out my kitchen window, but from a little further away.  This was taken at the end of the street in town and this is the park where things happen when there is a festival or something in town.

Dh and I took a walk around the land the other day and I took pictures of the different flowers that we have.

These are the several varieties of flowers and cactus that we have on our land.  The only one that I know what it is for sure is the Indian Paintbrush that is the last picture in the line up.  The rest of them are just native to the area and are scattered throughout the land.

Well, I’m thinking that DH is getting restless and wanting to go get some work done.  I think that if I can today, I might take some pictures of the yarn that I have gotten in the mail this week and while we were gone.


we worked on our house and got two of the beams done that are going to be the support for the whole house.  They are 63 feet long and right now they are sitting on the ground waiting for the guys to figure out how they are going to get them onto the posts that are going to support them and the house.  They are long and they are heavy and they are inside the house.  We’ll see tomorrow what they come up with for getting them on the posts.

I was looking through the prompts on NaBloPoMo and on the fourth the prompt was “What’s the first thing that pops into your head when you think of your father?”  Steady would be my answer.  Not just steady in that he is steady, but that he is always there and always the same.  He doesn’t change and is always someone to be counted on.

This is a skein of BMFA rare gems.  I haven’t owned any Blue Moon Fiber Arts that I would ever use.  I was gifted a skein and traded for a skein of the same colorway that was not something I would ever use, so when we went to Stitches West this year and I saw their badly picked over booth, I went in and found  this lovely skein.  I haven’t used it yet, but I will.

See you all tomorrow.