Ummmmmm…anyone still out there?

I started thinking that I hadn’t posted to the blog in a couple of months…but found out it had been since DECEMBER! DECEMBER! Why haven’t I posted since December? I don’t know: too busy, to lazy, nothing to say, nothing new to post. Probably a combination of all of those, but I’m going to try to do better because I should start to have a lot to post about starting in the near future as we are getting ready to start building out house on our land in Colorado.

I know that I’ve shown pictures of the area we are building in, but just to remind you I will post a picture of the mountains that will be out my kitchen window:

I think I’m excited about the house, but it has been in the works so long, I don’t know what will happen and when.

Since December we have been doing the same ol’, same ole, except we spent three months at my parents because my Dad called and asked my DH to come and work for him. It ended up being a really bad thing because they didn’t do much work, my parents had well problems and my mother and I got into it and it turned ugly. Over time, she made it very clear that we really weren’t welcome and then couldn’t understand why we were feeling that way. She said she bent over backwards to make us feel welcome (not), and got her feelings hurt when anything was said. Anyway, that won’t be happening again ever!

We are sitting in the convention center (McCormick Place) in Chicago waiting to get unloaded. We are one of seven trucks that has some kind of printing press on it. The guys that loaded it on us are going to run it for this trade show and then pack it up again and it goes to Tennessee to it’s final home. We won’t be carrying it, but that’s okay. We have a load that goes to the Kansas City area with 5 stops on it, but we should be empty on Monday.

I’m currently knitting a calpotis out of Brooks Farm Four Play. It’s 50% wool and 50% silk and is quite yummy. I love their yarns. I have several skeins in my stash and need to get the projects that the skeins were bought for done. DH is being very patient with waiting for the scarf that he picked the yarn out for at MDS&W in 2008. He wanted the Irish Hiking scarf, and I might do that, but he also wants a thread of silk that we bought to run with it and I don’t know if that pattern will work with that or not.

I signed up for the If it has cables and covers your chest KAL and I feel like I am falling woefully behind. I don’t even have my yarn yet (it is sitting in Colorado at the Post office) and haven’t started my sweater yet and some people are just steaming right along.  I bought the yarn for this and would love to knit it, but I might just be a little intimidated.  That’s a LOT of knitting and it feels kind of selfish to knitting just for me this close to needing to do Christmas knitting. I may also do this. We’ll see, but I am going to do a sweater!!

I think that this is probably enough post for now, and I will get some pictures of the clapotis up and maybe see if I can find some other pictures of stuff that was finished since December.

Thanks for stopping by again.