November’s post that never got posted

We are still out on the road…I know, big surprise.  This being out on our own is harder in some ways than we thought it would be, but easier in others.  I know that the paperwork is definatly way more than I thought it would be.  One of the problems that I have is that I find it difficult to do some of the paperwork as we are driving because the roads are so bumpy and I drop the paper work that I’m trying to enter.  Some of it might be that I am not really disciplined about my paperwork, as well, but I do get it done….sometimes just in the nick of time.  See the answer for # 3 in the list above.

I’ve been doing some knitting.  Seems to be quite a bit of baby knitting because the projects are fast quick and in a hurry, but I’ve also been knitting socks.  Seems like I have socks on the needles all the time, with whatever else I have going.

I knit a hat for Taylor:  , I knit some socks for DH: (They are actually finished, and he’s worn them, I just have photoed them.   I made a second Grumpy Old Bear for Taylor and am going to give the first one to Taylor’s as yet unborn cousin:   and I started a Feather and Fan scarf for my mom’s birthday out of yarn that the grandkids kool aid dyed a while back.  Its a gift from all of us:  .  I”m hoping she likes it, as it is a bit bright, but I think that fact the kids dyed the yarn and I knit it will mean she wears it.  If not, no biggy.

Here’s a picture of the sunrise in Houston the other morning as we were going into town at 0’dark thirty and the sun was coming up:    This is what the road looked like in front of us:.  I know that a lot of people commute in traffic like that every day, but that’s not usually what we are doing…we normally don’t have to sit in stuff like that, but occasionally it’s not too bad, but some people in traffic like this are just flat out STUPID!!!!!

I have a bunch of photos of places we’ve been, snow we’ve seen on the mountains already this year, and I thought I had uploaded them to photobucket, but I guess I put them on my external hard drive and not on the photo site….grrrrrrr!  Now some are uploaded, but the bulk of them must still be on the external and I don’t have the wherewithall to mess with it right now.

Smoky fields in Oregon:    

  A beautiful sunset:

I am going to try to get  back in the habit of taking pictures going down the road.  We have a smaller camera that is ac


One thought on “November’s post that never got posted

  1. I love the pictures from the road! I hear Houston is bad, but Dallas is worse (we were looking at taking jobs in both places last year). I just wanted to wave at you since I haven’t since our swap ended! I love all of your projects. I have got to find something to knit soon or else I am going to go nuts! I hope that you are well and Merry Christmas.

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