Looky What I Got

We were able to go home for a little bit last night to get our mail.  I went home looking for a package from my upstream pal that wasn’t there.  My sister picks up my mail for me, but she hadn’t picked that up, so I went this morning and picked up the package and my secret pal has come through again:

In this picture is what was in my final package.  There is a skein of Fiesta Ballet in a colorway called Pansies.  There are two skeins of yummy, yummy Crystal Palace Panda Silk, two more project bags, a very apropos book called Knittin on the Road, some very good chocolate pretzel bites, and some mints.  There was a small pad of sticky notes and a ladybug dispenser, but I will have to admit that I don’t know what it’s for.  Thank you so much, Vicki…you did an excellent job, yet again!!!!!  If you would like to go and see who my upstream secret pal is, go visit Vicki at her blog.  

That wasn’t the only package that I got…

The above is the first installment of the Wollmeise Sock club.  Claudia does some of the most amazing yarn that I have ever see.  I have never seen a color of Wollmeise that I don’t like, and I am not one to turn down Wollmeise if it’s offered to me, so when the question of a sock club came up, I jumped and put my name in the hat and was fortunate enough to get a spot in the club.  I was not disappointed in the least, and the yarn is amazing, the dpn’s are beautiful, and the pattern will make a beautiful pair of socks.  Thanks Claudia.

I also got the latest installment in the Perfect Day Yarns Dead Poets Sock Club….

Sarah does an excellent job of dying yarn, as well.  She mixes up colors in new and interesting ways that makes me look at socks in a new way.  LaLa did an excellent job on the pattern that we got this month, and I enjoyed the other swag, although it’s not shown in the picture, as well.  Good job, Sarah!

I got a bunch of other yarn….some Wollmeise that had nothing to do with the sock club, I just happened to catch one of her early Friday morning updates because we were driving really, really late on night and got several skeins:


I also was able to get the kit for the La Digitessa from Yarnissima with the Digitessa colorway from the Wollmeise herself:

I know this looks like a lot of yarn all at once,especially a lot of Wollmeise,  but you have to realise that we haven’t been home for a couple of months, and this is stuff that has come in the mail over that time.

Next post, I should have some pictures of some of the places that we’ve been in the last while.  I finally got them taken off the camera, but not uploaded to the net yet, but I should be able to do that shortly.


2 thoughts on “Looky What I Got

  1. I’m glad you like your goodies! The ladybug container would be good to hold your stitch markers that you got earlier! I thought it was cute and it coordinated with the lady bug fabric for the project bag! Enjoy!

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