Happy Sunday!!!

What a beautiful day it is in Northern Ohio.  The weather is gorgeous, the leaves of some of the trees are starting to change and it finally is starting to feel like fall, YAY!!!

I am going to post a response from Claudia’s blog called Unconconsious Mutterings.  This is the first time I have seen this and it’s kind of fun.  If you decided to do it, please post or link back to her blog for it.  Here are my answers:

Insight :: I have none
Irksome :: truck drivers
Maybe :: I will go to Ireland someday
Confirmation :: how we get paid
Bib :: for my grandbaby
Stop! :: red
Lobster :: off the coast of Maine
Boys :: are just not right
Fire away :: you will hit the target
Give up :: nothing

I have had a spate of WIP’s come off the needle, As well as doing a bunch of baby knitting for Taylor, our grandbaby.  She’s growing and I found a cute little outfit for her and wanted to mail it to her, but have decided that there is enough to take to her that  we need to go and visit.  We need to see and hold her so that she knows who we are.  Anyway, here are some pictures of the things that I have finished in the last while:


 Socks to go with an outfit we bought her.


These are socks for my grandma that I started during SMS III.  They are the socks that got me eliminated because I didn’t get them done before we got home and then didn’t get them done until last month sometime.

These are Six Pack Socks from Wendy Johnson of WendyKnits.  The pattern can be purchased at the Loopy Ewe and the yarn, Spirit Trails Fiberworks, in the Loch Ness colorway, can be purchased there as well.  I loved this pattern, and I liked the yarn so much that I bought another skein of the same colorway because these socks are going to my aunt as a thank you for having the boy come and stay with them at the end of July.  The socks for my grandmother are the same thing…a thank you for having the boy.

I got the book “Itty Bitty Nursery” when I found out we were going

 to be having a grandbaby so that I could do some knitting out of it.  I took it to show to our d-i-l and she said that this little bear was one of the things that she would like to have for the baby.  It’s knit out of Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece and the scarf is knit out of left overs from the Six Pack socks shown above.  I thought it turned out cute.  Now I need to make another one because our D-I-L’s sister is preggers and due in February and she asked for one, as well.


This next item is for Taylor too.  It’s a cute little raglan pull over from Knitting Pure & Simple and is called baby pullover 214 by Diane Soucy.  I knit it our of Plymouth Encore colorspun worsted.  It is a yarn that is absolutely gorgeous as it changes from one color to the next.

The only thing I didn’t take the time or have the yarn to do, was to make the sleeves matchy-matchy.  One skein of the encore is enough to make this little sweater, but you don’t have much left over.  I bought her some little leggins to go with the sweater, and I hope I got the right size.  I was going to buy some little jeans, but DH, ever the opinionated man that he is, said that HE thought that jeans wouldn’t be a good thing.  I should have gone ahead and gotten the jeans because they match perfectly the darkest pink in the sweater.

These are some stockings that I volunteered to knit for Plimoth Plantation for the Living Historians, along with lots of other people.  they intimidated me, so I put them off for a long period of time, and finally finished them recently.  They are knit out of Shetland wool that is rough and scratchy and has a lot of vegetable matter in it.  I was forever picing out sticks and stickers because they were scratching my fingers.  They are not hard to do, but they do take a while because they end up being over 20″ long with a 10″ foot.  The heel is the strangest heel that I have ever seen, but not hard, once you “get” what they are telling you to do.

I have also finished a little ear flap hat for the grandbaby, but alas, I have no pictures of it.  I also have finished a project for my secret pal from Secret Pal 12, but until she gets it, I cant show any pictures of it.  I am woefully behind on sending her her last package, but I have let her know that it will be coming shortly.  I ordered some stuff for her and it’s sitting at home and we haven’t been home yet to get it.  We should be home this week and I will get her box together and get it sent out.  I would have had it sent out earlier, but we kind of got stuck running up and down the WEST coast, and all the stuff I had ordered was sitting on the EAST coast.

On August 14th, DH’s oldest son got married.  We went to Norfolk, VA for the wedding. It was a nice wedding, an interesting weekend.  Here is a nice photo of them in the courtyard of the church where they got married in Norfolk.  

I haven’t uploaded, yet again, any of the pictures of the scenery we’ve seen.  I have worked them up to upload, but I keep forgetting.  I can show you some snow at the end of August up in Montana as soon as I get the pictures uploaded.  I will work on that when I have a fast connection.

See ya, until next time.


3 thoughts on “Happy Sunday!!!

  1. Wow! Look at those socks! I am more than impressed because I don’t like the tiny needles of sock knitting. What wonderful pieces and look how happy your step-son is! 🙂 Hurray!

    Thanks for the link – mutterings are so fun!

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