Another wonderful package

I have been meaning to blog about the second package that I got from my wonderful SP12 spoiler.  My birthday happened to fall within the timeframe of the Secret Pal exchange and she sent me a package for my birthday.  I’m glad she didn’t give up one me when I had the snafu with the shipping address I gave for this.  Now on to the goodies she sent me:

Birthday cardd This is the front of the card she sent

inside of card

inside of card

She sent me a huge package of gummi bears (I like gummis, but so does DS)  She also sent me some beautiful stitch markers and a stitch saver.  I have been wanting one of the stitch savers for a while, so that was a great gift.  They are beautiful.

Aren’t they all pretty.  I love the Bling!!!  Thank you so much SP, you are the best!!

The last package I got from my SP included some yarn that my mother didn’t know that she was supposed to photograph the WHOLE skein.  It’s a gorgeous yarn that has multiple shades of blue and green and I love it.  There is no tag, other than that it was spun and/or dyed by someone local to my SP, but I think it’s pretty cool that she chose it just for me.  Here’s some pictures of it all by itself:

and here’s another view: I think this yarn is gorgeous and I can’t wait to get my hot little hands on it.  Thank you again, SP!


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