Another Blog update (this time with pictures)

I am a member of Secret Pal twelve and every week there is a new question posted.  I have gotten behind and haven’t answered the questions for the last two weeks, so without further delay, here are the answers for weeks 7 and 8:

What is(are) your favorite place(s) to knit? I would have to say, at least right now, my favorite place to knit is in my seat in the truck.  I can knit while we go down the road and still be able to help when I need to and be in the middle of the family.

What supplies (besides yarn & needles) make the setting perfect for knitting?  Something to drink (warm if it’s cold outside and cold if its warm) and my ipod with either audiobooks or podcasts on it to knit with.

What is your favorite supper for a hot summer evening?  One of my favorite hot weather suppers is a large salad or fruit salad.  There is nothing better than getting fresh fruits or vegetable and tossing them all together to make something that is light but nourishing.

I should be all caught up with the questions for Secret Pal twelve now, but I do finally have pictures to post of the package that I got from my upstream pal.  She sent it to me a long time ago, but through no fault of hers, (I had given her the wrong address and then couldn’t remember which address I had given and then had to track it down at the itty bitty little post office that I had it sent to) I hadn’t been able to post pictures.  My mom finally got the package and opened it for me and took these pictures:

here is a really sweet project bag with bees all over it and as you can see sticking out of the bag there is a skein of yarn.  Mom is not a knitter, so she didn’t know that you need to put the yarn out there seperately so that we can see it, but I promise that as soon as I actually get my hands on it, you will see what kind and what the yarn looks like.

Who but Trader Joe would come up with 100 calorie  packages of chocolate…not only is it chocolate, but it is super smooth Belgian Chocolate.  Now that may or may not be there when I actually get to my mom’s to pick up this package.  She may claim this as a finder’s fee 😉

Next on the list is a selection of three patterns:

The first on is Twisted Flower Sock by Cookie A;  the second is the Saucy Sock Pattern by Cider Moon; and the last one is Poseidon socks pattern, probably by Elinor Brown.  And finally, she sent me a letter with the package that had little animal print cutouts on the corners of the letter.  A very nice package and Thank you, Thank you, Thank you SP!!!!!!

A couple of months ago, my aunt, invited the boy to come and visit her, her husband and my grandmother for a couple of weeks in July.  She isn’t really a kid person, so it came as a bit of a surprise, but kind of a really cool thing that he would be invited.  The dates weren’t really set in stone, but she said the second half of July, so we were trying to make sure that we had loads that went to the Seattle area to drop him off.  It seemed like we could get there 2 weeks early, but then we had a bit of a problem getting back until last week.  We had a delivery about 45 mins from where they live and so she met us at the delivery and picked him up.

In my personal opinion, he was just a little too eager to go, but, because we felt like he needed it, we got a prepaid cell phone for him because he will be traveling to his grandparents when he leaves my aunt’s, and he has called me every morning since he got there.  He’s been having all kinds of fun:  he got to go to the Pt. Defiance zoo, got to drive a tugboat that is owned by my aunt and her husband, he got to see the Blue Angels, he’s been to the Boeing Museum of Flight, an art show, ridden my aunt’s trike, and actually had to work for his keep some.  He’s having a grand time and it’s giving DH and I some alone time (wink, wink).

Anyway, since we have dropped him off, we have taken a couple of loads to Montana.  Now these aren’t to anywhere that might actually have freight coming out of it, but the pay is good to get there, and we get to go through some beautiful country on the way to the delivery.  Last weekend, had one of these loads and it had an extra day on it, so we stopped in Post Falls, ID for the night.  DH wanted to take his 34 hours off so that he could restart his hours and we happened to find that there was an Indian Pow Wow going on almost right across the street from the truck stop.  We went and spent most of Saturday there and watched the dancing, ate some food, and watched some more dancing and finally left about 10:00 at night.  It was fun, and I didn’t take the camera, so there are no pictures of that.

Sunday we headed up through Montana and went through Kalispell and past Flathead lake.  That is some beautiful country up there, and as we were driving, we were almost kicking ourselves that we hadn’t bagged the Pow Wow and gone up there.

We stopped at a scenic overlook and took some pictures.  Flathead Lake, half of which is on the Flathead Indian reservation, is huge

Little Loopy decided that he wanted to see the lake too, but it was just so big he got scared… and immediately wanted back in the truck.

Some of the WIP’s decided to come out and play in the flora:

and then there’s little loopy

he decided it wasn’t so bad when we weren’t making him look at the huge lake.

I know this is kind of abrupt, but I think I will end this post at the lake.  I have pictures of where we delivered and some of the scenery going through Glacier Park…didn’t get to visit, just went through, but I will post them in the next post.  I also have some pics of the haul from a yarn crawl in Portland, OR and some stuff I bought for my secret pal.  I’ll do that soon…like after the nap.


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