Just a short update

Since we have gotten our own authority and are trying desperately to do everything ourselves, I don’t have much time to do much of anything.  I didn’t think that I would have all that much more work than I had before, but I have a lot more paperwork.  It’s okay though, because now I kind of feel like I am more apart of our business than I was before.  The biggest part of my job seems to be navigating for a man that will not listen to what I tell him.  I tell him which roads to take and he still insists on doing things wrong.  I tell him not to get off of a certain exit and he slams on the brakes and starts to take it.  I don’t know how much clearer I could be than to say NO!!!! Don’t take this exit.   NO!!!!!

I have been knitting, socks anyway, for the summer of socks.  I still don’t have any posted to the summer of socks group on Ravelry, because I haven’t taken any pictures of the socks I have completed, or I used my sister’s camera and told her to email me the pictures and I’m still waiting. I know that most people have gotten two or three pairs of socks done, but I am not one of the speediest and I am not trying to have the most socks done. I have a pair of Noro socks done, and I am half done with Ambrosia socks by interweave which are kind of cool looking and I love the yarn I am using.  It’s some I picked up from the Loopy Ewe in Spirit Trail Fiberworks Loch Ness colorway.  I decided to make these socks for my aunt who is taking my son for a couple of weeks and then sending him to his grandparents for a couple of weeks.  I thought it would be a nice thank you for inviting him to come and stay.  When I first got this yarn, I told DH that it was my yarn and I was going to get socks out of it, but since it was the yarn that I was knitting on when I decided to give my aunt the socks, I went and put another skein of the yarn in my  cart at the Loopy Ewe so that I could get another skein of it for me because I really do like it a lot.

I don’t really have anything else to say, so I will close for now and come back with some pictures soon.


3 thoughts on “Just a short update

  1. I hope things slow down a bit for you! I am sure your son will have a great time while he is visiting his Aunt and Grandma.

    And I know what you mean about men not listening. We went to a new grocery store in a new town the other day. I had been there about 6 times and Greg had never been. I tell hi where to turn to get back on the freeway and he tells me that he thinks that’s not right and keeps going. How the hell does he know that’s not right since he has never been there before? At least he figured out I WAS right after we took the long. long, way to the freeway!

  2. My husband will do exactly as you describe with the exits!! At least now he has a gps that he can blame if he makes any mistakes! And he does not call me and ask me to navigate him home via phone! If I was with him, I could probably do it, but I go by visual cues, not street names, so that does not work if you are not there!!

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