Question # 4 for Secret Pal Twelve

1) What yarn (that you don’t have/haven’t used) would make your stash “complete”?

I think  my stash will never be complete.  Someone is always coming out with something new or something different that I want to try, or a new colorway that is gorgeous.  I haven’t tried any of the super wash lace weight by Tess Yarns yet.  Sock Madness recommended Tess for a sock this last round, but I wasn’t able to get any and would like to.  There are also a  myriad of sock yarns that I haven’t tried yet and would like to, so I guess my stash will always be a work in progress.

2) What yarn do you never want to be without?**   I really like Koigu and am really happy to always have that in my stash because the colors are nice and so varied, and because it knits up so nicely.  I also don’t want to be without Lorna’s Laces (which is a lot like Koigu) or some other really basic sock yarns.  I also don’t want to be without solid or semi solids.  The self striping or hand painted is gorgeous, but sometimes I just need a solid or semi solid yarn.


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