Busy, Busy

This weekend was rather busy for us.  We had a load that delivered in Virginia Beach, VA on Wednesday of last week and found a good load that didn’t pick up until Monday of this week, so we decided to take it and hang out in VA Beach for the weekend.  That wasn’t really a hardship since three of DH’s kids live there and our brand new (three weeks old) grand daughter is there as well.

On Thursday, we went to see the brand new grand daughter, Taylor Avery, and of course her mom and dad.  She is a beauty (and I AM NOT prejudice, not at all).  Here, let me show you:pretty baby girl

Here she is with her grandpa:Taylor and her Grandpa

And then I’m holding her (don’t I look scared to death?)Taylor and Grandma We got a lot of pictures of her sleeping, cuz that’s what new babies do.  We did get to “play” with her some, but she wanted to sleep a lot of the time we were there.

crying Taylor .  Shes a dolly alright and I hope that we get to go back and see her again soon.  Maybe the next time we go back her mom will actually go out when we go out instead of staying home all the time and avoiding us.  She’s a bit of an odd duck, but that’s okay.  I just sometimes get the feeling that she doesn’t like us much and doesn’t want to do things with us.

On Friday, Bill and I went to see his second youngest son, Joe.  Joe is a tattoo artist at the Blue Horseshoe Tattoo shop in Virginia Beach.  We both had something that we wanted him to do and he was a good egg and came in on his “day off” before he was to come to work to do our tattoo’s.

This is Joe:  This is Joe woking:  See me knitting?  I had to do that to distract myself because it hurt more than I remembered.  I have a cross on my other leg that I know hurt a bit, but this one hurt a lot.  It felt like he was tattooing the bone or scrubbing my skin with a needle.  This is what I ended up with:.  It’s Loopy, the mascot of the Loopy Ewe.  When I was at the Loopy Ewe’s Spring Fling back in April, someone had brought up the idea of having temporary tattoos for next year.  I thought, temporary, schmemporary….why not get a real one.  I asked Sheri, who holds the copyright on Loopy, and she kindly gave me permission to have a Loopy Tattoo.  So there he is.  I think my stepson did a great job, and if you want to see more of his work you can go here and see other tattoos that he’s done.

DH had a tattoo that he hadn’t really liked since Joe did it about 3 years ago.  It wasn’t what he had pictured and so he told Joe he wanted it “fixed”.  This is what it looked like before Joe worked on it: and this is what it looked like after:  .  DH is much happier with it now that the arms of the cross are longet and Joe fixed it by putting a much larger cross behind the one that was already there and then touching up the color on all of it.  Isn’t it pretty?  Here they are when Joe is working on DH:.  All of the tattoos that you can see on DH were done by Joe.  It’s interesting to see the progression of his talent and skill just in the five of them that Joe has done on DH.

After we left the shop, we went and got a hotel room so that we could shower and just chill for a bit.  On Saturday, when we checked out, DH took me to a yarn shop (surprise) to get a couple of things for baby knitting.  I have been made aware that my stash is sadly lacking in anything that isn’t sock yarn.  I had talked to DIL and she wanted a knitted bear for Taylor.  I also found out that her sister is pregnant and due in February and would like to have a bear as well, so I went to the yarn store and bought the yarn to knit them both the stuffed bear from Itty Bitty Nursery by Susan B. Anderson.  DIL also asked for some hats for Taylor, so I bought some soft yarn to make some hats and another sweater.

After the yarn store, we had lunch and then went back over to see the baby and go to the beach.  We couldn’t really go to the beach and swim and stuff because of the new tattoos, but we were able to walk the boardwalk and then walk down by the water’s edge and DS played in the surf a little bit.  We saw the skydiving Elvis’ come down and land on the beach for an Elvis festival the the beach front was having and we saw a group of kids from Campus Crusade for Christ that had split up and were fighting the crusades.  They were funny…all the guys had plastic or cardboard swords and were dressed like the characters from Troy, with the costumes made out of cloth and cardboard boxes.  We watched one team run down the beach and clash with the other, and in the end the “Christians” won the day with one man left standing.

Later, we met up with DH’s oldest son and fiance and went out to dinner with them for seafood.  We went to Rudy’s on the Inlet and I was a little disappointed. DH and I share most of our meals, and we ordered the crab cakes.  The crab cakes were good, but all of the stuff that went with it was way over done and mushy.  We also had a waitress that was more interested in gossiping with her friends than in doing her job.  Anyway, we then took a walk out on the pier and saw a bunch of boats.

We went back to DH’s son’s house to get our truck and go back up to the truck stop.  As we were saying our goodbyes and chatting, this couple pulled up and asked if they could look at our truck.  It seems that both of them are going through training right now to become drivers, and as soon as they both graduate and do their training, they will be team driving form on of the companies out there.  They had a lot of questions and wanted some advice on driving and stuff, so we sat outside of the truck with them for about an hour and a half just chatting and answering questions.  We gave them our card, and told them to give us a call if they needed anything.

On Sunday, we went to church with Son the oldest and his fiance and then spent the afternoon wandering shops and getting some lunch.  We ended up buying a couple of antique clocks that we had been looking for for our house.  We got a really good deal on them and feel like they will fit in with the decor of our house well.

Now we are back on the road on our way to Washington.  We had to go to Charleston, WV this morning to buy our tags for the year.  We made sure we had something going west this way so that we could do that.  If we hadn’t, we would have had to send in the payment and then they would have mailed it to the house and we would have had to make it back to WV before the end of June…this just worked out better for us.

Here is a picture that I wanted to post before, of snow that had fallen on the mountains in Montana and Wyoming on June 9th.

Looks like quite a bit of snow to me!!!


2 thoughts on “Busy, Busy

  1. Love the new tats! My daughter and I just went to a tattoo show at the Baltimore Museum of Art. There was some incredible ink there! It sure is handy to have a family member that does it for you! By the way–I just sent you a little package of goodies today. You should get it by the end of the week!

    –Your Secret Pal

  2. I love that you were knitting while you were having your ankle done. And you are right for some reason the needle right over the bone seems to hurt like the dickens!!!!

    And I lave the snow on the mountains! I am really going to have to head West soon. My aunt wants me to come to Colorado but she lives in the dry area. I want further north. I will have to ask you about the best time to head out that way.

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