Secret Pal Twelve Questions

For the Secret Pal Twelve swap, the moderators have decided that they were going to ask a question of the week every week…I missed last weeks, but I will answer it now and answer this weeks.

Favorite Summertime Drink:  I think that my favorite summertime drink is a strawberry limeade from Sonic or half sweet and half unsweet iced tea with LOTS of lemon.  It makes it almost an Arnold Palmer, but I control the sweetness and the amount of lemon.

The question for week two is:

As a kid, what did you look forward to most about summer vacation/break/holiday?

I think that the thing I looked forward to the most was the sleeping in and getting to do what I wanted to during the day.  No school, wasn’t that the best?

Now I need to get knitting, or at least finishing my knitting projects for the baby.


One thought on “Secret Pal Twelve Questions

  1. Glad you were able to get some decent loads to haul! I have to ask–the photos on your header–where were they taken? They are absolutely stunning!

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