Our first loads on our own

It’s good to be back on the road, after being at my sister’s for 6 weeks, although we are planning on being there for today and tomorrow to get our mail and for DH to do some more repairs to the truck. when we left WV, we went to PA an took a load out to KS, NE, and KS. The load had three stops and paid well. We took a load out of Kansas and went to Montana, Billings to be exact. Now going to Billings paid well to take the stuff up there, but, the problem with taking things into Montana is, there is next to nothing coming out of there.

We delivered the load to Billings on Wednesday afternoon and figured we would be able to pick something up on Thursday. We got up early (like 0500 MDT) and started looking at the load boards. There were a couple of loads that looked promising and I called about them. One of them was hay that was coming off of the Indian reservation going to CA. That paid the bare minimum that we need to stay afloat, but because it had been raining, they weren’t loading. The trucks couldn’t get to the fields where the hay was sitting to be loaded. The only other thing that was in the area was 120 miles away, weighed more than we can legally carry, and paid less than $1.25 per mile. We didn’t find anything on Thursday, and Friday was a redux of Thursday in that the better paying loads were either not being loaded due to rain, or too heavy for us to carry. We ended up sitting for the weekend and then Monday morning it looked like we were going to be sitting because the same loads that had been on the boards on Thursday and Friday were still on the boards on Monday. Also, on Friday, we had found a load that was going to CA that paid decently, but the person that we were dealing with in the broker’s office dropped the ball and never called us back. We did all of the paperwork that they requested, although it did take a while to send because of the crappy internet service in Billings, and then he never got back to us with the confirmation. I kept calling him and he was going to “get right back” to me, and then he said that we weren’t answering our phones. Now I can see if we hadn’t answered one of our phones, but both of them that had full signal….I don’t think so.

On Monday, when the same loads were on the board that had been on the boards on Thursday and Friday, I was starting to get discouraged. I was puttering around online and reading this and that and decided to refresh one of the boards….lo and behold, there was something new and it was a light load. I immediately called about it and booked us on a load going to Utah carrying a 23,000 lb military fire truck. It was picked up at a reserve center that had gotten some newer ones, so they were sending these (there were two of them) to Utah to be stripped and then given to the Air Force to be used for target practice.

When we delivered the load to Utah, we booked a load the next day going to Marion, IA. If you don’t know where Marion is, it is a little north and east of Cedar Rapids. You know, as in the extremely flooded Cedar Rapids? I didn’t realize where this load was going when I booked it, and wouldn’t have been worried anyway, as we don’t watch the news very often. I got a little worried on Thursday evening and Friday morning when we did start watching the news and saw the conditions there. DH was up at O’dark thirty on Friday morning driving. When I woke up he immediately had me get the computer out so that we could look up the information that he had been hearing on XM 171 about road closures and massive flooding. I found out that we could get to Marion, but we couldn’t use a lot of the back roads that would make it shorter. The only road in and out was I-380, and some of the lanes were closed so that emergency personnel had their own venue to get in and out.

When I was trying to get my computer running on Friday morning, I found out that it had crashed big time, and I had to totally wipe the disk and reinstall everything.  I am still trying to get some things back that I haven’t gotten out of my back up.  I am thankful that I signed up for Carbonite online back up.  It keeps you backed up all the time and every time you change a document or folder, it backs up the new edition of it.  With my online service and the slowness of it sometimes, it takes a while for me to get my stuff back, but it is all there.

We were home for a couple of days again, and now we get to take a load down to see our grandbaby.  I have several pairs of baby socks and two sweaters for her as a baby gift.  I made one of those tulip sweaters and I knit two baby surprise jackets, but the first one, the one that’s in my ravelry queue is weird and I knit the second one…don’t have a picture of that one…that turned our gorgeous, yay!!!  Now I just need to put the buttons on them both and wrap the package.

I’m getting geared up for SOS (Summer of Socks) and want to knit a pair for one of my aunts and my grandma.  They are taking our son for two weeks in July (by their invitation) and I thought that might be a nice gift to show our appreciation.  I should be able to get at least the two pair done before we drop him off in the Seattle area the middle of July.

We are on our way to pick up a container to haul out of Baltimore and down to Norfolk, VA.  Not many mile, pay is reasonable and we get to see the grandbaby.


2 thoughts on “Our first loads on our own

  1. It sounds like you’re off to a pretty decent start. I hope all goes well for you and your independent venture grows with each trip. It’ll be wonderful for you to see your grandbaby. Boy or girl? Tulip sweater = girl child? Please post pictures. I’d love to see. Drive safely and have a good trip.

  2. Congrats on the new grandbaby!!! I can’t wait to see what you start for your Summer of Socks! I hope it is okay..I tagged you for a meme =)

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