Around the Bend

I swear that I have completely taken leave of my senses!!! Why you ask? I joined Sock Madness. I don’t knit fast enough do something like this! What was I thinking? I know that they have really cool sock patterns and, and I really wanted the really cool sock patterns, but what made me think I could actually compete with some of those people? Well…I did make it through the first round and made my very own pair of Zombie socks. I used a couple of skeins of Sweet Georgia yarn in the Rusted colorway and they didn’t turn out too badly. You can’t see the pattern too well, but that’s because of the striping of the socks, but I like them. I did learn something on doing heels that I really like and have used it on a couple of baby socks since then that makes picking up the stitches on the sides of a heel flap oh so much easier for me! So I am on to the next round and fully expect to be disqualified, but if I can make it through I will have surpassed all expectations I had for Sock madness for me. I did, I did make it through the second round and have a pair of Reversai Socks to show for it.  Now lets see if I can handle the next sock.  This means I will have to be more consistent on my sock knitting time than I was in the last two rounds.

Besides all of the sock knitting that has been going on, there has been baby knitting, oh yes, baby knitting has been happening. I finished the Baby Surprise jacket, except for finding the perfect glass or pewter buttons that I want, and I have to admit that it looks a little odd. I followed the directions from the book that I have, but I seem to have more sweater than I have neckline to match it up to. As soon as there is actually some sun so that I can photograph it, I will post a picture and show you what I mean. It’s not hideous or really bad or anything, and I plan on giving it to the grand baby anyway, but I might have to make another one and see if it turns out the same way. I used two strands of Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn in the Martha’s Vineyard color to knit it and then when I was finished, I had enough yarn left over that I knit the pill box hat from “The Opinionated Knitter” and I think it will match the sweater very well and be adorable. Pics of that coming later too…darn this lack of sun.

When last I posted, we had been or were on our way to southern California. We left the warm weather of Southern CA and went back to Ohio. It was chilly, but not nearly as bad as the blizzard was. Then we went to North Carolina, West Virginia, back to Ohio, up to Bellingham, MA; Boston, MA and Auburn, ME. There isn’t much freight up in Maine, but I was finally able to find us a load up in Northern Maine that went to New Jersey. We delivered that and headed to Baltimore to pick up a load that has three stops on it, but one of those stops is Louisville, KY. We really wanted something going towards or to Louisville because this weekend is the BIG industry show and we really want to do the things that we need to do to go out on our own. We need to meet with and sign up with brokers, find a fuel card, get some info on an APU unit and several other things that can best be done at a show like The Mid America Truck Show.

We made it to the Truck show and got to go on Saturday.  It was a whirlwind tour of a truck show, although we did get the things done that we needed to do.

It was cold and blustery, although there was no rain, but sitting outside in the parking lot during the barbeque that the soybean farmers of KY put on for the drivers was so chilly.  It made your food cold before you could eat it.  We sat and listened to the music for a few minutes and then went back to the truck.  Watched a movie and went to bed.  Excitement, excitement.

We are in Dallas this afternoon and I got to go on a yarn expedition with my son’s girlfriend today.  It was fun and I got the yarn for one of the socks that is coming up in Sock Madness.  We went to the Shabby Sheep and it was a cut little shop with a fairly large selection of yarns, although there were a lot of spring/summer yarns, and I had trouble finding something for a swap partner.   I did buy a skein of Jitterbug for myself in a wonderful red color called Gaugin and some cotton/wool yarn for the homework for the Spring Fling that I need to do.  I bought inexpensive yarn for that so that I could swatch with it and not feel like I had to actually finish the socks started in these chores if I don’t want to.

I’m going close this so that I can get out of the way for DH to get in the truck and so we can get things cleaned up.  I wanted to get this posted since it has been a draft for a week or more.

Be back with pictures, hopefully, soon.


3 thoughts on “Around the Bend

  1. Ha! disqualified? Never!!! You can do it! And the socks look great. glad you are well and made it through the winter driving. Take care!

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