Actually some knitting content

but first, we got out of Florida just in time. The weather went from a balmy 79 degrees to a drop down to 41 degrees overnight with storms coming through that brought tornadoes, torrential rain and black outs. We finished getting loaded and DH finished strapping the load just as the rain hit where we were. I was in the truck with the window down and I heard the rain coming through the trees. It was the strangest thing to hear it before we felt or really saw it. Mia told me to get some pictures of palm trees and the gulf (cuz we were like less than a mile from the water) but I wasn’t able to. I did see some palm trees, but I thought that it was a little goofy to take pictures of the palm trees without the reference of the water, so I bailed on the pics of the palms.

We have an oversized load this time going to NJ. That means extremely shortened travel times (sun up to sun down) instead of the normal 11 hours a day to travel. Not only that, but extra legal loads on the east coast are just a pain in the backside. The rules are different over here, but the pay is better so we took this one.

I actually have some knitting content to show…I have a picture or two of my mom’ s socks They are knit out of Cider moon glacier in the colorway June Carter. They are knit on US 1/2 mm needles in magic loop, each one on it’s own needle. I’m almost done with them, as you can see, but I have, for all intents and purposes, run out of yarn. I am waiting until I get the yarn that I traded for in the mail and then I can finish them.

Next on the list is the Tulip Sweater that I knit for our impending grandbaby. I am still trying to decide if I want to do a tie at the neck or if I want to put a couple of really cute buttons on it and call it good. Knit in Dream in Color Classy in multiple colors from a kit from Pick up Sticks in Canada. It’s a really quick knit and is extremely cute. I have purchased several more colors of the Dream in Color Classy to do another in different shades and I also bought some yarn when we were in Ellensburg, WA to knit another one out of Rowan Extrafine Merino. I chose red, cream, tan, chocolate brown and navy to do one. I think it will be extremely cute in the darker colors and will give our DIL choices on sweaters for bebe.

While in Ellensburg, I saw this little dress (which I think is ugly in the magazine) knit up in different colors and changed just a little bit in the store. The main color was chocolate in the store and the color work was done in cream and pink and blue, I think. Anyway it was really cute in the store, so I bought the magazine and the yarn (lorna’s laces sport weight) to do it in colors of my choosing. It will be my first try at color work, so it’s good that it’s fairly small. I chose navy for the back ground and pink, purple and cream for my color work. We’ll see how it turns out. The little dress is called Tick Tock and it’s on page 49 of the winter issue of Knit.1. It’s not a magazine that I usually buy, because I think that the patterns are geared for the younger set, but this time there are two things I want to knit out of it. This little dress is the first, and then on page 59 there is a knitted sheep that you can download the pattern for from their website. I think that would be cute to have the sheep in my stash room, wherever that ends up being.

I started another pair of baby socks for the grand baby . You might recognize the yarn from the fingerless mitts for Lauren. I had bunches of it left over, so I decided that denim baby socks were a good thing. I did one top down adn didn’t like the toe, so I started one toe up and have decided that baby socks that I knit are better toe up. Socks that size don’t take long and sure are cute.

I have also, for the third time, started the BSJ from EZ. I am doing it in Cherry Tree Hill yarn and the first incarnation was just too thin. I had purchased two skeins of the yarn so that I could make the DIL a pair of socks, but I decided to carry the two skeins together and it’s making a much nicer fabric than just a single thickness. It’s also going much better than the first two times I tried it because I typed out the directions line by line so that I don’t get lost. Now I can check off the line as I get done with it and stay on pattern.

Finally, I have the dog sweater that I’ve been working on. It’s an adaptation of a pattern that I downloaded and changed to knit in the round instead of in pieces. I will try and write up the pattern after I’m done and put it on my blog for free. It should be fairly easy to adapt to bigger or smaller dogs, just by doing a gauge swatch. It’s knit out of Lion brand paints and is okay to work with. It’ll be fine for the mutt.

Maybe the next time I post I’ll actually have some FO’s. I’m hoping so, I want to knit this periods Six Socks KAL sock and then the group that I’m helping to moderate, Sock Knitter’s Pentathlon, is starting their first sock on Saturday, and then I have some more baby knitting that I want to do and ….. I’m sure you all know how that goes.

Catch you later!


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