Off to Florida

I can hardly wait. It’s so nice to be able to go outside without a coat in shirtsleeves and not have to worry about freezing to death. After being in Chicago the other day, the weather in south Georgia is wonderful. DH can have his window cracked and not have to worry about me getting too cold and I don’t have to wear my hoodie all the time with the silk long johns under it. I’m thinking it might almost look like spring in Florida.

I posted about possibly going to Ellensburg to the cowboy festival, and yes we did. It was good. The music that we heard was good, we purchased a giclee print from Joelle Smith who is someone that we had purchased a print from before and I love her stuff. We were browsing her booth and had just about decided that we weren’t going to get anything because none of them were saying “take me home”. We were chatting with her sister, who does the sales of Joelle’s work now that she has died, and were getting ready to leave when I glanced up and saw that painting. It is of Joelle and her favorite horse in a field of wildflowers. The colors are fantastic and I love it. If you clicked on the link for her website, the picture that has her dates in it on the front page of her website is the print that we purchased.

DH got a couple of things, but other than the print, I didn’t see anything that I really wanted or needed. We went into the room where they were having different demonstrations and there were some people demonstrating different styles of beading, pine needle basket weaving (those are cool), a guy was doing some kind of spinning for kids and then there was a knitting and spinning demo. I went over and talked to the woman and her husband that were doing the spinning. They had a couple of Great wheels and she had a wheel (the kind that folds up into a box, I can’t remember the name). I chatter with them for a bit and then went to chat with the woman that was doing the knitting demo. She was doing two color mittens that were way cool, and then she showed me this scarf she was doing. Then we got to talking about yarn shops and she recommended this one down town. She said a visit to Ellensburg wasn’t complete for a knitter until you had visited Dancing Ewe Yarns and Teas. And let me tell you….if you ever get to Ellensburg, WA you need to visit this shop. The selection of yarns was GREAT, the staff was more than friendly, the atmosphere was just what you want in an LYS. It made me wish that I lived in that town just for that shop. Seriously, it was pretty cool and they not only had yarn, but they had seriously good tea (I bought the peppermint) for sale, and lots of buttons and other notions as well. It was a bright, cheerful space that was inviting. They also have a large room for classes and couches out front to either sit and knit on or to leave the none knitters with you on.

After that we went to dinner at a nice little Italian restaurant that the food was good and over abundant. DH and I shared, as we normally do, and DS had a kids portion of fettuccine Alfredo that was more than enough for an adult. Almost everyone that left there had a go box with them because the portions were so large. And then…DH and I went to the Saturday night dance with a band that we have been following for quite a few years, Wylie and the Wild West. They are a fun dance band and do a great dance. In concert, you just want to get up and dance all the time because their music is just fun. If you click through, you can listen to clips of their music and learn about the horses that Wylie and his wife raise and sell that are working cow ponies. We took the one hour dance class that was offered before the dance started and kind of sorta learned how to do the “Cowboy Cha-cha”. It was fun, but DH had a little bit of trouble with his feet going where they were supposed to. We danced a lot and actually got to sit with a former rodeo queen for a while. She was there with her mother and brother (who wanted to be anywhere else) and she did not look like a former rodeo queen. I would have thought that since she was coming to a western dance, she would have had on boots and jeans. She did have the jeans, but she had bright red patent leather stilleto heels and a halter top. It was an interesting look for a western dance. Her mother looked the part, with the addition of a short for coat and a cowboy hat.

We enjoyed our time at the Sunday cowboy church service with the Dreyer Brothers and Diamond J ministries. We hung out for a while and DS got to learn to rope and wanted to crack a bull whip, I got to visit with the spinning lady again, and then we headed out and went to Chehalis, WA for our delivery on Monday.

The trip over Snoqualmie was uneventful and we parked at the delivery on Sunday night and got the first part of our load off. After we delivered we went to Starbuck’s to get some coffee. People look at us kind of funny when we get out of the truck in front of Starbucks. We then headed north up the Olympic Peninsula to make the second delivery. We started out in some really thick fog, but as we climbed we got above it and were skimming along next to the water, but from quite a ways above it and were able to see the fog sitting on the water. These are some of the sights that we saw as we went north.

For some reason, some of the pictures came out really blurry, so I don’t have as many as I took to show you, but I took a bunch that didn’t come out. We got to Sequim for our second delivery and could sort of see the Olympic Mountains. There was a haze moving in that was making the mountains hard to see, but the sun was bouncing off of the ice fields and they look all shiny on the faces that are towards the sun.

After we left Sequim, we went to Kingston, WA and had dinner in Poulsbo with my grandmother and my aunt. We went to a nice seafood house down near the water that had very good clam chowder. DH had a citrus salad that he said was excellent and DS had fish and chips, just like grandma. We had a nice visit after we found someplace to park. It’s sometimes funny to me that people don’t realize just how big our truck is. I called my grandmother to see if they wanted to have dinner with us and she said we could park in the parking lot of the local grocery store. The grocery store was rather small and the out holdings made the parking lot very crowded. Luckily for us, the local elementary school had a huge parking lot and because it was president’s day, the schools were out and we could park there. We had a nice visit and then we went ahead and drove to Seattle to pick up the next morning. It was 140 miles from where we were at my grandmother’s to where we had to pick up and I priced it out fuel wise and then priced the ferry that would have made the mileage something like 25 mile. The cost of fuel to drive was about $60 and the cost of the ferry was a whopping $103; $92 for the ferry fare and then another $11 for the over height fare because our truck is over 7′ 4″. We drove around…even with the toll for the new Tacoma Narrows bridge, it was $38 less to drive it than to take the ferry.

Before we went up to the Seattle area, we were in Salt Lake City. We delivered a load in Ogden and then had to go out west of town to the Morton Salt plant and pick up the load we took to Chehalis and Sequim. On the way to the shipper, it started to snow and by the time we got to the exit for the plant, it was snowing so hard we couldn’t see the plant and ended up going 12 miles out of route because we turned left instead of right. We sat in the parking lot of the plant for 8 hours in a blizzard waiting to get loaded. They said it was because of the snow, but it was mostly because they are slower than molasses in January. By the time we got loaded, it was after midnight and we drove the 15 miles to the truck stop and went to bed. we got up the next morning and headed back towards Salt Lake and then up towards Seattle. On I-80, you pass under the flight path of the airport. I caught a picture of a jet as it was coming in for a landing . The colors of the Southwestern jets is so vibrant and they looked really cool against the blue sky. I then caught a second photo as it was landing . Here are some pictures of what it looked like after the snow of the night before..

It’s beautiful as long as I am inside the truck and don’t have to know just how cold it is out there, 🙂

I’ve about got the dog sweater finished. I have to do the neck decreases and finish the openings for the legs and I should be done with the second incarnation. I still haven’t gotten a picture of it, so you might have to wait until it’s done.

The socks I’ve been knitting for my mom are going to have to go in time out. I ran out of yarn and I have to wait until I can get some more from a trade I’m doing on Ravelry…thanks Zonda (zknitter on Ravelry) for coming to my rescue. Your yarn should be on it’s way to you soon!

The baby surprise jacket is still where it was when I put it down to finish some of the other things on my list, and no pics of that either. Maybe I can drag all of these UFO’s out while we’re in Florida and get some pictures in the sun.

I think, for now, that this post is probably long enough. I probably have some more to tell you, but it will keep for the next time. I do have some pictures of an extremely oversized load that is going to take a couple of weeks to travel from Montana to Ohio to show you and some pictures of Montana.

Until next time


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