Winter again

We took a delivery from Texas to California. It was cool and windy in Texas, but California was beautiful. We delivered in California and took a load heading to Utah. The weather is back to winter here in the state of Utah. We are sitting in a truckstop on I-80 west of Salt Lake City, and the snow is coming down and blowing sideways. There is probably 3 inches on the hood of our truck and the trailer next to us probably has close to three times that amount. YUK!!!!

We are heading to Chehalis, WA and then to Sequim, WA to deliver on Friday unless DH decides that we want to go to Ellensburg to this festival that is going on this weekend. We went the first year they had the Cowboy gathering and it was pretty good. It’s grown quite a bit and as a result the prices have increased, but the number of more well known names has decreased. Now I realize that one of the goals of festivals like this is to support and showcase local talent, but I haven’t heard of most of the local talent, and where the venues around town were free a couple of years ago, you now have to pay $20 a day to go from place to place to hear the different acts. I don’t have a real problem with that, except it was a lot of fun to go from venue to venue and I don’t think that we’ll pay to do that this year.

I got some pictures of one of the FO’s that I’ve been talking about. I knitted a pair of mitts for my oldest son’s girlfriend. I measured her hands at Christmas time and have been carrying them around with me since I got them done shortly after New Year’s day. We made a delivery near Dallas (where she lives) last week and so we got together for lunch with her and I gave them to her. I also was able to photograph them actually on her hands…. The yarn is Lorna’s Laces and the pattern was mostly made up as I went along with the directions for the thumb taken from a mitten pattern that I have.

I have it on good authority that she really likes them.
I guess that today is Valentines day and I don’t guess that we’ll be doing much of anything special. DS thinks he should get the day off of school work, but I told him it’s not a REAL holiday, so no dice. He then tried to finagle Friday off and, mean mom that I am, told him that wasn’t going to work, either. I do know that I am getting a movie and so is DH, I just can’t remember which one I picked…Pretty bad, huh?

I hope you all enjoy your sweetest day and get to do whatever it is that YOU want to do. Stay warm and don’t eat too much chocoloate!!!


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