I finally got some pictures

I want to start this post out with thanking everyone for their nice comments about my lamenting the fact that I don’t know who reads my blog…a lot of you told me that you read and that makes me feel really good.  Thanks for the comments!!

I am not going to apologize for not posting…I haven’t had any pictures and not a lot to say.  We’ve spent a lot of time in the last couple three weeks in really crappy weather and I haven’t been able to take any pictures of the wip’s or FO’s  (The Tulip cardigan, some fingerless mitts for Lauren, some baby socks in Lorna’s laces) because the light has been really crap or it’s been raining or blizzarding, so no knitting pictures.  I do have pictures of snow and passes and husband chaining up the truck because we were on Vail pass and the roads were bad.

While in the snow, we spent three days in Eagle, Colorado because we delivered there and then, because it’s in the middle of nowhere (125 miles west of Denver) our company didn’t have any loads for us.  I looked and looked for some, actually found two that fell through, and then we drove to Denver and got a load last Friday going to Arizona.  One of the benefits of being in that part of Colorado are all of the ski areas and the resorts for said ski areas.  You pass several traveling I-70 east and west and can see all kinds of snow related activities. all kinds of housing for the resortshttps://i1.wp.com/i154.photobucket.com/albums/s275/lyndahitt/snomotracks.jpg  and strange houses that are perched on the side of mountains with excellent views that make you think of a spaceship or something.

I wish I had some knitting pictures.  I have been doing quite a lot of it, just not documenting it.  I am knitting a dog sweater because our poor little Jack Russell freezes when she goes outside.  I may have to knit her some sock booties as well because she goes out in the snow and then ends up trying to lift her feet off the ground by sitting up or going onto her front feet with her back feet off the ground, it’s the strangest thing.  Anyway, she’s about got a sweater that actually looks like a sweater with a placket and buttons and sleeves.  When I get it done, I will have her model it, LOL and give you the specs on it.

When you think of Arizona, especially southern Arizona, what do you think of?  Do you picture ice and snow and blizzard conditions?  Nope….me either, but that is exactly what we were in within 30 miles of the Mexican border yesterday.  I normally think that if we are going to Arizona it will be warmer than wherever we have been recently, especially this time of year.  Not so the case.  It was slushy, mushy, rainy and snowing from Globe down to Hereford (3 miles from the Mexican border) where we made a delivery yesterday.  Granted, it’s back to what I consider normal this time of year, but yesterday was just weird and so not what I was looking forward to in getting to go to Arizona.

I went back and was reading the last post I put up about not being old enough to be a grandma.  I have been informed that I am definitely old enough, and then I also remembered that I made my mom a grandma a year younger than I am now, so I guess I am.  Anyway, we found out that the baby is a girl.  My stepson sent me the last ultrasounds that they had done and they are amazing.  The detail was phenomenal.  I looked at them and showed them to DH and said that you could tell what she’s going to look like by looking at the ultrasound picture.  I can tell you that I have been looking at the baby knitting patterns on Ravelry and am excited to knit all kinds of little girl things, although I know that it could still be a boy, but I’m hoping that it’s a girl.

Does anyone have a good name for a grandmother besides grandma?  My mom is Nena and my dad is Papa, so I don’t think that we should use those, but I don’t want to be grandma or granny…I want something hipper and younger and not what I called my Granny.

In knitting news, I signed up to help moderate a knitting challenge called the Sock Knitters Pentathlon for the rest of the year.   Over the course of the rest of the year we knit socks from patterns that are readily available on the internet and there will be prizes and everything.  We will knit five socks, one every two months starting in March,  and there will be different challenges to overcome do with the socks that are chosen.  I signed up to moderate because I don’t knit fast enough to ever be in the running, and the socks that Pam, the list owner said she was considering, all sounded like fun.  I can knit along, but I can’t be in on the contest, which is fine with me.  If you are interested in knitting socks and want a little friendly competition, come on over to SKP2008 and sign up before February 23rd to play.

How this post for bouncing all over the map?  Next time I will have some pictures of Monument Valley, but this time it’s covered with snow instead of all bright and sunny.

We are getting ready to park for the night and I really should get off of here and say “Good night, Gracie”


3 thoughts on “I finally got some pictures

  1. I like that photo of your DH since you were talking to me when you took it!!!! And the photos are wonderful since snow has forgotten this part of the world. My niece and nephews use grandma and grandmommy. Of course, the youngest is still babbling it. The Italian word is Nona and the Spanish word is abuela.

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