Still at it!

I was just out reading some of the blogs that I read and found out that this blog is actually one of someone’s favorite. That makes me feel pretty good, since I didn’t think that very many people read my blog. Now that’s not anything to try to get people to comment or anything, just a thought on my blog, because I know that people read it, I just wasn’t aware of how many people.

We are on our way to San Diego with a load of air conditioners. We have a stop off in Las Vegas and then head to San Diego. I am so hoping that it’s nice and warm down there. We haven’t been in a lot of snow lately, but the temps have been rather bitter. We sat in Concordia, MO Saturday night and all day Sunday. We plugged into IdleAire and were able to watch some television (HGTV, yay!!!) and do some laundry (hurray for clean clothes) and sort through a huge box of mail (got rid of most of it and found the things I was looking for, Yeah!!). Now I have all of the magazines that I was looking for in one place and accessible so that I can read them and then take them off the truck. Also, I got all of my knitting books, of which there are too many on the truck, in one place and need to decide which ones I will actually use on the truck and which ones need to be put in the container.

Sometime before Christmas, I was reading on either Ravelry or on one of the other boards that I read about Richard Rutt’s History of Hand Knitting and decided that it would be a good book to own, so I went on Amazon and got it. I opened it when I was home for Christmas and my sister thought it sounded like the most boring book in existence, but I have been reading it and it’s rather interesting. It gives some good insight into what came before knitting and how what we do with sticks and strings evolved and came to be the pastime that we enjoy so.

Another book that I ordered when we found out we were going to be grandparents (I’m still NOT old enough to be a grandma) is Itty Bitty Nursery by Susan B. Anderson. There are several things in there that I would like to knit for the grandbaby, the least of which is the little clothesline and maybe a binky holder or a stuffed bear. Most of the items are extremely cute and are things that I think my stepson and his wife will like for the baby.

I think I mentioned this in the last post, but The Loopy Ewe is having a knitting retreat in April and I was fortunate enough to get one of the spots to go. While we were at home for Christmas, I found out that I had won one of the lottery slots and had to decide if I was going to go or pass. DH told me that I couldn’t go because of the logistics of trying to get there, but my Mom (God bless her) told me to go for it because, and she’s right about this, I don’t ever ask to do anything just for me and it was about time that I did. So I accepted the invitation and have started to make the payments to go. I am going to start sending emails to our dispatcher in February that we need to be in St. Louis the last weekend in April on Thursday and see how that works. Either that or we’ll have activated our authority and will have gone out on our own and I will get us a load going there or near there and DH can drop me off and go to the truck stop or he can go make the delivery and come back and get me on Sunday. It just sounds like it is going to be an awesome time and I am stoked to go. A group of the attendees are planning on going to a Cardinals game on Sunday afternoon, and I have tried to talk DH into going to it, but he’s resisting. He’s playing the martyr card saying that he’s going to be stuck in a nasty old truck stop while I’m off playing in a nice hotel and having fun, but I’m not buying it. Nope, he said I could go, and I’m going!!!!!!!

I still need to photograph the Tulip Cardi that I finished, except for the buttons. I also started a pair of baby socks in Lorna’s Laces and haven’t photoed them either. I also need to take pictures of the socks for my mom, the scarf for DH and the scarf for DS. They aren’t done, but I do need to take pictures of them, just to keep record of how they’re coming and to post on Ravelry. I still haven’t uploaded the pictures to Photobucket that I have of the yarn I got to open when we were at home for Christmas, or the pictures of the scenery taken before then, but maybe I’ll be able to do that this week and post some photos for y’all to look at.



5 thoughts on “Still at it!

  1. I decided to comment as you mentioned not knowing who/how many read your blog. I am from Baltimore Maryland. I have been reading for about 2 months I think. I do not recall how I found you, but it seemed really interesting to learn about how you travel and live from your truck! So keep writing whenever you can!

  2. I became a grandma when I was 44. I thought that was too young too. But then I did the math. If the average age of puberty for girls is 12 yrs. You could be a grandma at 24. So when people tell me that I look too young to be a grandma, I just say I started young. It raises a few eyebrows but shuts them up. Truthfully though, I’m glad I had kids in my 20s and I’m glad to be a young grandma. I think I have more energy and more time to truely enjoy them. I also should mention that it’s also very beneficial to the grand kids who not only enjoy the attentions of 2 full sets of grandparents but also 2 1/2 sets of great grandparents!

  3. Thought I’d say “hi”. I came over from Ravelry. It sounds as if you have a very interesting life. Traveling all over the U.S. must be fun. Knitting while traveling even funner .

    My niece became a grandmother at the age of 38. We now have five generations in our family. My mother is 80, brother 60, his daughter 39, his grandson 20, and his great granddaughter (my mother’s great, great, granddaughter) just turned 2. Conceivably, my mother could live to be a great, great, great grandmother.

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