The countdown has begun…

to Christmas. We have finished with the Thanksgiving holiday, and we’re back to work as of today. We were supposed to come back to work yesterday, but there were some things that we just needed to do that we could only do on a weekday.

We had purchased a piece of culvert pipe for our land that DH wanted to get put in this weekend, but it was just tooooooo cold and the ground was mostly too frozen. On Friday we had gotten about 4 inches of snow and the temps didn’t get above 30 degrees for most of the weekend. My dad said that he would help him do it, and we have a couple of friends that would have helped, but it just isn’t happening, at least not yet.

Thanksgiving this year was a little different. We went to my parents house, which isn’t unusual, but DH and I did the turkey this year, which is unusual. I had read on The Pioneer Woman about brining a turkey, so I asked if we could and my mom said sure. We went shopping in Phoenix and found the ingredients that we needed to do the brining (thank you Williams Sonoma) and got the brining bags and the brining mix, although DH and my dad said it looked like we were soaking the turkey in creek water.  It was probably the best turkey that we have ever had…it was moist and flavorful, but not salty at all.

Something else that was unusual was that my cousin, who I haven’t seen in probably 20 years, and his family came and stayed with us.  His girlfriend has a son that is about the same age as DS and they had a great time playing outside, shooting arrows, sneaking up on deer, climbing rocks, and all things that young boys are wont to do.  They had a lot of the same interests and likes, so they were pretty compatible.  It was kind of cool to see my cousin, and we’ll probably be able to see him a little more often now that I know where he lives, and the fact that he and DH do the same kind of work, so they have something in common.  It also helps that they live within a few minutes of a truck stop that we all know the location of and we can meet them there on occasion.   Anyway, it was nice to see him and get to meet his family.

On Friday, we decided to go to Mount Princeton, which is a resort with natural hot springs that is between Poncha Springs and Buena Vista.  It has recently been remodeled, at least to some extent, and the pool area is very nice.  They have two pools, one is usually over 100 degrees and the other is usually below 90 degrees.  When we were there on Friday, the hot one was at 102 and the cool one was at 88 degrees.  The hot one is called the soaking pool and the cooler one is the lap pool.  they also have various spa services, two hotels, and while we didn’t actually see this, they have a pool with a 300 foot water slide.  I believe that the water slide was closed as, while we were in the pool, it was snowing.  They also have areas in Chalk Creek, which runs along side the resort, that have hot spots that you can sit in and enjoy the hot water while sitting in the creek.  On the ride home, it was snowing terribly, almost blizzard conditions for about the first half of the drive, and then it cleared up a bit, but by the time we got back home it was snowing pretty good again.  We had leftovers and then I think that we all kind of just crashed.

On Saturday, my cousin went home and it DH and I decided to go into the metropolis of Pueblo.  We were going to go pick up the mattress that we were going to use to replace the couch in our truck, but when we got there and saw just how small that mattress was, we decided that it wasn’t big enough for the both of us and now we’re back at square one with finding something that will work, bummer!  While we were in furniture row, we did some window shopping for our house, and found some furniture that is very nice and won’t cost us an arm and a leg, like the custom made couch we were drooling over in a high end furniture store in Montana.  We can furnish the whole living room, and probably our bedroom and still have money left over based on the cost of that one couch.  Kind of out of our price range, and besides, that’s a ways down the road.  We have to get the house built first. 🙂

We’re on our way to California with a load of hay.  When we sent a message this morning about getting a load, they told us to check the boards and find our own.  They wouldn’t book a load of Hummers from Ft. Carson to Ft. Bragg that paid a little better than this does, but this does get us moving and puts us in a place that we can get something out of.

I was so bad this weekend and didn’t even get my camera out until Saturday evening or Sunday.  It was so cold outside and the camera was in the truck, so I didn’t go get it.  When it finally did come in, it was cold and I didn’t get any pictures with it.  I did get some of the really good batteries when we went to town, so I will be able to use it a whole lot more and not have to worry about batteries dying.  We also got a new radio for our big truck when we were in town.  The one we have now is kind of a pain to use.  The lights in the display have gone out and it makes it hard to use it with the XM radio or just to change the station.  We bought a radio that is satellite radio ready and we’ll be able to get rid of the external XM receiver and the 6 CD changer and we’ll put them in the Jeep.  The head unit we bought has a single cd slot, and that’s all we really need.

I guess this weekend was all about taking some time off and just enjoying our family and the time off of the truck.  DH, DS, my cousin and his family went out and rode the 4 wheelers in the bitter cold.  It was good that they all brought cold weather gear and could go out and have some fun.

I will have some pictures to post next time, cuz I took some as we were leaving today and got some good shots of the Sangre’s with a dusting of snow on them.


One thought on “The countdown has begun…

  1. Brining turkey and chicken is a great way to keep the meat moist. My brother likes to do it.

    And it sounds like it was a great holiday. It is funny how you can sometimes reconnect with cousins after losing track of them for years. My cousins on my mom’s side are “lost.” I know them but it has been years since I have actually seen a few of them face to face. But there is one that I would rather not see. My cousins on my dad’s side are the ones where we don’t see each other for a few years but when we get together it is like we were never apart.

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