In Seattle

and surprise of all surprises, it’s raining. I was informed this evening that it only does that from November to February, but isn’t that enough? It’s a real pain in the backside when you have to untarp a load when it’s raining. You get soaking wet, the straps are wet, your hands and gloves get soaked and I personally believe that is miserable. But Arizona, here we come.

We are really trying to stay on this side of the Mississippi so that we can go to Colorado for Thanksgiving. My mom said she invited a cousin to come to Thanksgiving that I probably haven’t seen in 20 years, so that should be cool. DH also talked to my Dad about putting the culvert in on our land while we’re there. Progress, progress, progress. I can’t wait until I am able to get up in the morning and get a cup of tea and sit out on the porch and see these mountains:Sangres

This is the view that will be out the back door of our house, and out my picture window above the sink,  at least that is the plan when it’s built.
We so need to start on our house. I think that we have come up with a plan. We have a container of our stuff that is still sitting in West Virginia. We need to get that stuff out here so that we can build our house. To do that, we need to have somewhere to put the container, or at least some of the stuff, so that the tools can be accessed, so we are going to build the garage first. That kind of kills two birds with one stone: we have somewhere to put our “stuff” and we have somewhere to kind of camp out when we are in town working on the house. See what fun that will be?

I finished the dog sweater this evening. Got all of the ends woven in and the legs sewn on and it will definitely fit my mom’s dog. It’s huge on ours and he’s much beefier about the chest than our scrawny thing is. I’ll give it to my mom at Thanksgiving and see if it does fit him.

I need to apologize for the rant yesterday. Okay, maybe not apologize, but qualify. I am getting frustrated with the SP11 thing and I don’t know what to do about it. I contacted my mod and she’s trying to get in touch with my upstream pal, but after four days, she’s had no luck either. I guess she’s just disappeared and there’s no help for it. I will just go ahead and finish with this one and will think twice before joining the next one. I got a comment from my upstream pal from SP10 and both of her pals have flaked on her, so I don’t feel soooooo bad. At least it’s only the one.

Well off to bed…0500 will come awfully early tomorrow morning and I know that’s what DH set the clock for so that we can make this pickup tomorrow morning and make it to Arizona by Thursday.


4 thoughts on “In Seattle

  1. Well, that view is spectacular. It kinda puts the world and life in perspective. Nothing can be bigger than what you see out there. Can’t wait until I get my invite to the now completed porch and hot tub 🙂
    And in all fairness, upstream did send some great gifts! It’s just she hasn’t emailed me. *sigh* Maybe I will email her.

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