Running around the Midwest

It looked like we might be running around the Midwest, at least until Thanksgiving. But then we made a delivery in Colorado and were offered a trip to Seattle and I took it. We only had to go 3 miles to pick it up and then it was a 1300 mile trip to Seattle and we had all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday to get there. The only problem was that I took it before I had DH check his log book. He has just enough hours to get to Seattle by the time that we are supposed to deliver. Oh well, it’s a decent trip and we haven’t been to the Northwest in a while, and it gives us a chance to shop at a decent grocery store for the necessities of life…fruit, cheese, yogurt, etc.

I have been working on a sweater for our dog. I found a pattern on the internet that was supposed to be custom generated for your dog. You measure what they tell you, and then you press send and it comes back with a pattern for you to knit a sweater for your dog. The link for the pattern is here. It comes out with a pretty cool little dog sweater, but I don’t know if I plugged in the wrong numbers or what, but the sweater is about 3″ too big around for out dog, so the sweater is going to go to my mom’s dog when we go there for Thanksgiving. It should fit him admirably and I know to make the one for our dog not quite so big around. Besides that, the one I am finishing is done in blue, and I think our dog needs a red one to match our “Big Red Truck”.

I haven’t been knitting on anything but mini socks and the dog sweater, although I am working on planning what I am going to do for Christmas. I don’t knit fast enough to do a lot of Christmas knitting but I did promise my oldest son some convertible mittens like these or maybe these. He didn’t want socks, and didn’t think he would wear a scarf, but he does snowboard and thought that he could maybe use some convertible mittens. I just now have to decide what yarn to use. I have a bunch of sock yarn, and a couple of the patterns that I have found use that, but I don’t have anything heavier. I wonder if I have anything that is manly enough for him?

So…have you gotten started on your Christmas knitting? I will have some yarn at my mom’s when we get there to start on the baby surprise jacket and matching socks for our grandbaby and his/her mama. I might even have added some extra yarn in there for something else, we’ll have to see. There is also a little LYS in town and I really want to support her because it is only about 3 miles from our house. I can probably find some stuff in there that will make great mittens. She attended the Taos Sheep and Wool festival this year, and in the emails that I get from her, she said that she bought some great yarns to stock the shop with.

When I was in there this summer, most of the yarn that she had was from the stash of a woman who had be collecting yarn for a while and she had some great stuff, just not a lot of any one thing. I think that her thinking was to see if a yarn store/craft store would fly in our small town and she could do that without a lot of outlay in the beginning by using the yarn she got from that knitter. Now that it is going well, she’s buying larger quantities and hopefully some good yarn. We haven’t been there since this summer, so I have to go in and see what she has. I might just be ecstatic with her choices. I know that the women that frequent the Wednesday afternoon knit group are a varied lot and she wants to supply them, but I don’t know what they knit on a regular basis to know what would do that.

We are about to Boise, so I need to stop for now. I didn’t have any pictures, haven’t seen anything really neat that I couldn’t wait to share with you, so this is a rather boring post.

I am editing this because we got back from going to the grocery store (I Lurve Fred Meyers) and was reading the posts from my groups on Ravelry and that is leading me to a small rant.  I am a part of SP 11 and am really not enjoying it much.  I love the spoiling my downstream pal, but my upstream pal has disappeared.  She accidentally revealed herself, and now she doesn’t answer email and I have tried several times and hasn’t posted on my blog or anything since the beginning of October.  I emailed my mod about it, and I think she is ignoring the mod, as well, since I haven’t heard from the mod in four days, except when she said she would find out what’s going on.    Is anybody else having this problem?  What can be done about it other than to chalk it up to a crappy experience?  I don’t want it to end with a bad experience, and my downstream pal is great.  I’ve had so much fun spoiling her and coming up with things that will just make it fun and give her something that she really wanted.  So I guess its half good and I will try to be satisfied with that.


One thought on “Running around the Midwest

  1. Hey, my upstream pal has disappeared too and my downstream pal sucks. she has only written in her blog a couple of times since this whole thing started and she got my package like a month ago, and she hasn’t posted anything about it yet, except to say that she hasn’t charged her camera batteries so she doesn’t have any pictures. Can you say LAME!!!!! And that was the only post she wrote for like 6 weeks!!!!! Aren’t we supposed to post like every week? I hate to think that some folks are looking at this as a scam of a way to get free stuff with no effort (I mean, it kinda is). Since blogging is the only effort, it doesn’t take much to meet the requirements! And it’s supposed to be a way to meet people!!!! OOOOOOHHHH! This steams me. Deep breath Kathy, in…….out……….out……. At least I have the folks from the first two tries. I still keep in touch with you guys, and it’s fun. I guess the law of averages dictates that we would have a less than spectacular experience sometime. Hmmmmm, maybe I should have emailed you this, it’s like totally waaaaaaay long 🙂

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