We didnt

get to go to GATS (Great American Truck Show) but I don’t think that we feel like it was a huge big deal. Other than getting there to sign up with brokers and find out some more info about the things we need to do for using our own authority, there wasn’t anything that we were burning to see or do there. I needed some Infinite Aloe, DH needed a couple of lights and other than that…nadda. It just kept us from spending money. It is a little frustrating when you ask to go to Texas and then you are only offered trips to North Carolina or Nebraska, but then again, you know, they aren’t a travel agency. LOL
We have been running pretty well, getting some miles and we were able to go home last weekend to get our mail. I still haven’t taken pictures of the yarn that I got. When we had time, the trailer was in the shop for brakes and I couldn’t use it to wind yarn, so DH wouldn’t let me get out my yarn to take pictures of it. I have started my I Love Gansey socks from Six Socks KAL. They are turning out gawgeous!!! I got some yarn from The Fiber Denn: Laine Ruban in Silver Forest. It is showing off the cables really well, unlike the Bearfoot yarn that I started out with. The Laine Ruban has no halo and it looks and feels like it is the same base as Koigu. It’s soft and in shades of gray green that is lovely. I think they may end up being my sister’s birthday present. I think that she would like them and her birthday is next month, so I have plenty of time to get them done. I did one repeat of the pattern last night on the first sock and then cast on the second sock and got halfway through the repeat on that one while I did laundry today. I have started doing my socks that way so that I don’t have second sock syndrome (SSS) and I get them done about the same time.
I still haven’t finished DS’s socks, because I have gotten to the 3 X 2 rib and it’s not all that exciting, although the foot fits ds really well, at least for this week, and he is excited for me to get them done. They are good for working on when we are watching movies and stuff, but the other socks that I have going take more concentration and I work on them while we are going down the road and can tune everything out, or I can listen to podcasts.
We spent most of the weekend having our truck worked on or DH working on our truck.
We had an air leak in the trailer and when we took that in to get it fixed, the mechanic said we needed new brakes as well. So DH had him do that as well as replacing the broken part. It ended up costing twice as much as the mechanic said it would and then DH still had to help him get the wheels on right on the trailer, because the mechanic put them on wrong and DH was UNHAPPY about that. I got to do exciting things like laundry twice…wooo hooo!!! although I did have some good knitting time in there.
We watch Blade Trinity on television the other night in a truck stop. It was an odd movie, although oddly compelling. We watched a few minutes of it and got hooked, so we ended up sitting in the tv room and watching it. Today
, while DH was changing the oil filters and fixing some other things, I was inside the truck stop doing laundry. The tv room had A Few Good Men on. It’s the one that has Tom Cruise, Kevin Bacon, Keifer Sutherland, Demi Moore, and Jack Nicholson. It’s about a court martial of two marines for committing a “Code Red” on a fellow marine. I am not a huge Tome Cruise fan, but I do think this is probably one of his best roles. I had to stay inside even though my clothes were done so that I could see the end of the movie.
I don’t have much of anything else until I am able to take some pictures of the yarn and the socks that I am working on, so until something happens or I get to take some pictures, I bid you adieu


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