I have a lot of pictures to post, but that ain’t so today. This is probably going to be a text mostly post.
I got my pal for SP11. I enjoyed SP10 a lot, and I am looking forward to spoiling my pal, although I was told that I have large shoes to fill…I think I am up to the task.

I haven’t heard from my other pal yet, but they do have until tomorrow, so I’ll try really hard to be patient.

Today is my niece’s 7th birthday. We were home for the weekend and got to see my sister and her family, and I went shopping for my niece with my sister. From what I understand, gifting the little miss is kind of a crap shoot. She has an 11, almost 12, year old sister that she takes her cues from and if Big Sis doesn’t like it, she doesn’t like it. I bought her clothes, and left the tags on (how tacky is that) so that my Sister can take them back and exchange them if Little miss decides she doesn’t like them.

The reason for being home this weekend was so that we could pick up our mail. We had not been home since May, when we were there for my stepson’s wedding. Needless to say there was all kinds of stuff waiting for me when I started going through the mail. I got magazines, bills, ads, and oh yeah, I got some yarn, some more yarn, and then some stitch markers and a row counter bracelet, and then maybe a little more yarn. The yarn and such was stuff that I have ordered over the course of the last three months and I got some really good stuff. I also received the first installment on the two sock clubs that I joined. The yarn from the Zen Yarn Garden’s Art Walk sock club is absolutely gorgeous. It is based on the colors of the Hallucinogenic Toreador and I would have to say that it was wonderfully done. I also got my yarn club offering from C*eye*ber Fiber. It was loverly as well. I haven’t had the time to play with them yet, but as soon as we get a breather, I plan to wind them all up and then figure out what I want to knit with next. There will be enabling pictures, cuz you know, I don’t like to keep this all to myself.
The best thing about being home was I finally got to see, in person, this: I was going to post the picture, but blogger is being a booger!
And this: And for those of you without inquiring minds, they are pictures, which have been on my blog before, of the packages I got from my Secret Pal and from my Tea Swap partners. They both did good and I will enjoy the packages immensely. While we were at home we did share the Chocolate Creme filled Maple cookies as the desert with dinner on Saturday night. I really didn’t know what to expect, and they were GOOD! More so than I would have thought, so thank you LeAnn, they were a hit. The rest of the items from the two packages are either here, on the truck, or packed away in the box that I had to buy to store yarn in the container. I think that the only things I didn’t bring were a couple of skeins of yarn, but I kept the rest.

We are in Erie, PA right now and heading for Oklahoma. On Streets and Trips, it looked like we were going to be close enough to Lake Erie to be able to see it, but alas we aren’t. Bummer. I wanted to take a picture or two of the lake so that there would be something cooling here, but you know how that is.
I hope to, in the next couple of days, take some pictures of the goodies that I got when I went home and post them here. I got some Sea Silk, in some really neat colors, all turquoise and blues and greens that is really gorgeous. Hopefully I will get some decent pictures to show off the colors. I might even try my hand at lace with that stuff because it is just begging to become something lacy.

I think that I will quit rambling on and post this for posterity. That way I will be able to remember that sometimes I do post even when I have nothing to say.


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