Back to winter again

We have left the warm springtime temps of Hagerstown, MD, where we sat for the weekend (we’re talking temps near 80), and have entered the very chilly temps of northern Indiana (tems around 40). Last night when we stopped to sleep, it was sprinkling. When we woke up this morning it was a torrential downpour and our truck was leaking. There was a steady little drip at the head of our bed that soaked one corner of each or our pillows. This woke us up at about 4:45 a.m…we weren’t even supposed to get up for another hour and change, but up we were. My poor DH…he got out the flashlight and was tearing apart different parts of the truck to see where the water was coming from. It is baffling why the truck is leaking, and he spent a couple of hours on Sunday caulking with silicone and it’s still leaking.

I finally got the Springtime in Paris socks done. They are nice and fit me perfectly. I still hate the yarn that I used and will probably not use it for anything else, although I really like the idea of the yarn, but don’t like executing the knitting with it. I love the color in the sock. They are a real departure to what I usually use, but I do like them and will wear them with my birks and crop pants with pride, because darn it…..I like them. They were knitted on size US 2 circs, toe up, two at a time out of Tofutsies yarn.

In this picture you can kind of see the Eiffel tower pattern on the one sock and the raindrop pattern shows on the one above. I will most probably wear them with the eiffel towers on the inside and not on the outside because I like the outside fabric better than the inside fabric.

Here’s a picture of the very first DW dishcloth that I have done. I really like the way the red and white worked out and patterned on this. I also liked how fast this cloth worked up. It was super quick, I think I got it done in one afternoon of knitting going across Texas. This was knitted from Peaches and Creme in colorway peppermint. It was done on size US 7 needles just like the directions said to do.

Here are the things that I am working on right now. This picture, taken on the keyboard of my laptop, is a new face cloth for my mother. I made her one for Christmas that was knitted out of a cotton/linen yarn that she says that she loves and she asked for another one or two. This is being knitted out of a new yarn from Elann called Adara. It is 87.5% mercerized cotton, and 12.5% linen. It is a wonderful yarn to work with and the colors in the yarn line are incredible. My picture does not do this justice in any way. the colors in this are two purples, a bright pinky red, and a natural linen yarn.

These are the socks that I am working on for DS. They are being knitted toe up, 2 on two circs following the Crazy Heels and Toes method. They will eventually be Horcrux socks, from the pattern for the six socks KAL, but I really like the way that socks knit up using this method because it is easy peasy. They are being knitted on US size 0 circulars with Knit Picks essential tweed in a grey color way.

In my last post, I posted that I wasn’t disappointed because I knew that my surprise from my SP was sitting at home. Well…..I now have it in my hot little hands and am thoroughly enjoying reading all of the text and dreaming about the patterns. There are so many that I want to knit, and I will. Thank you Tart Diva for your thoughtfulness in providing me with the hours of enjoyment that I will get out of this book.

I also want to thank all of the people that commented on my post about losing my grandmother. It was a pleasant surprise to get the emails for the comments and to know that people were reading my blog and cared enough to send their condolences. I would answer each comment separately, but I haven’t figured out how to go from the comments to the email address of the poster. I will have to do so from the pages of my blog, but know that I do read everyone and appreciate all of the comments, unless of course they come from a mean spirited troll and then they will get deleted, because I can.

We are now going through Chicago, and the sky is so overcast that we can’t even see the tops of the buildings that identify the Chicago skyline. Not only that, the traffic is terrible. It has been a while since we were through here, and there is all kinds of road construction that wasn’t here the last time we did come through.

Well, I think that is probably all for now. I don’t have any other knitting to show off, and I haven’t taken pictures of the yarn I got when I went home (but I will and will post some yarn pRon for you) so I can’t show and tell. Needless to say, I got some wonderful stuff and will show it the next time I post.


3 thoughts on “Back to winter again

  1. Looks like you will be very busy with all the knitting you have started. Enjoy your blog and reading about your trips. Keep safe!

  2. Okay, I am not going to tell you what those little toes looked like to my slightly sleepy and eyeglassless eyes, but I was wondering why you were knitting a bikini 🙂
    Glad you like the book, shopping today so look for another package in two weeks (that includes the time it will take me to get to the post office – which I pass on my way to work everyday, but since I am always late for work…….)
    Take care and drive safe!
    hmmmm, should I include an umbrella for over the bed 😉

  3. You were so close to me this past weekend. I love the socks. And the temperatures have cooled off today in Maryland to the low 60s.

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