Welcome to Spring

Today is the first full day of Spring and it sure feels like it here in Tennessee. We got a load out of Texas and are heading to Lancaster, PA. The route from the Dallas area to Lancaster takes us directly through Louisville, KY. That means that we get to go to the Mid-America Trucking Show for Thursday and Friday. We also have enough time to go through West Virginia and get our mail….which should have some really nifty things for me and others in our family. I know that I have several skeins of sock yarn sitting at home waiting for me and DS has some books, and there might be a cd or something for DH. When you don’t get your mail for several weeks at a time, it makes for surprises several times a year.

I am still working on the socks for Six Socks KAL for this period. I am bound and determined that I will get them done by the end of the month so that I can start on the next socks when the KAL starts and not feel so rushed. Two months should be plenty of time to get a KAL done, wouldn’t you think?

I also have another pair of socks otn for DS. They are on little bitty needles and since he is so hard on socks, I thought that a really firm fabric would be good. He doesn’t have very big feet, so it shouldn’t take too long, although I am spending most of my time working on mine and not his.

I haven’t started the mid month dishcloth for the MonthlyDischcloths KAL
yet as I have another dishcloth on the needles that is a man in the moon and I want to finish that before I start the other. We went to Wally world today and the selection of yarn was pitiful. I wanted to buy some Bernat or something like that and all they had in the main section was a bunch of different acrylics. I then went to look at their pitiful selection of knitting needles and found some dishcloth cotton, peaches and cream. They also had some of the 1 pound cones, in cream, white and one variegated. I almost bought a cone of the cream, but didn’t know where I would keep it. Not only that, but just how many cream colored dishcloths do I want?

I’m hoping that Spring is here to stay. I need for it to be spring, I
need to quit wearing the long sleeved shirts and get out my t-shirts. But to do that, I need to clean all of the winter stuff out of my closet here on the truck and get the stuff out of the container so that I have more than 2 t-shirts and warm weather clothes. Is it safe to do that? Do I dare take off most of the cold weather clothes and swap? Will we get somewhere where I will freeze to death because I don’t have the right clothing? Such a dilemma!!!!

This blogging thing is getting easier and easier the longer I do it. I am getting more proficient about being able to put things into the blog that I want to add. I don’t always get the pictures taken that I want to take, but at least it won’t be so blah now that I can put clip art and stuff into it, YAY!!!! Isn’t it just a bit more cheery with the flowers for spring?

I don’t have much else to post, except for a big Hello to my Secret Pal 10 swap partner. I can hardly wait to start spoiling my partner and being spoiled by my other partner. I think that it will be fun and my spoilee will be surprised…at least I hope so.

Enjoy Spring.


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