Happy St. Paddy’s Day

Every time I talk about our Irish heritage in the hearing of my sister, she questions where I got Irish heritage. I then have to proceed to remind her about where our families came from and what their last names were. Then she understands that just maybe we have the right to claim a little bit o’ the Irish.

We were sitting just north of Pittsburgh, PA yesterday morning getting our load from Laredo off of our trailer when that winter Nor’Easter started. It started as little balls of ice and then in the course of about 15 minutes turned into great big, fat flakes of snow. Before we got out of there, there was probably 1/2 to 1″ on the ground. We left there and went to the grocery store where we got the requisite dinner of corned beef and cabbage, which we cooked in our crock pot. When we came out of the store, the snow in that area had abated for a bit.

We are on our way to the Dallas area, and the further south and west that we get, the warmer it gets. You would never know that we had just come out of that nasty weather up in the northeast if our truck and trailer wasn’t so dirty and until this afternoon, covered with 2 inches of ice.

On the knitting scene, I am still working on the socks for six socks KAL. I had to frog them clear back last night because there were some problems with them. Let’s see, I miscounted the stitches per inch and made them 12 stitches too wide for my feet. Then, for some reason, there were a couple of places on the increase areas of the toes that had holes that I couldn’t fix except to frog. I was going to leave then as they were, but then I wanted them to be wearable and to last for a while so I decided to frog them and start over. Now, to get them done before the end of the month. The yarn I’m using for the socks —————–>>>>

I also have a pair of sock on the needles for the DS. They are on 0’s, so they are going to be taking a little longer….but they will be a good firm fabric that should last until he outgrows them.

I am also working on a dishcloth called “Purly moon”. It’s cute and is going well. It has the man in the moon in it and I am doing it in light blue cotton-lin, which I like a lot. It works up nicely.

I have downloaded the first two days of the mid-month dishcloth KAL, but have decided to wait until I am done with the one I’m working on to start it.

We organized my yarn last night. I had the bag of yarn that I had gotten at Stitches west but we hadn’t put the yarn away yet. We just kept moving it around because it didn’t have a place. In January I had purchased these large crafttainer’s at AC Moore just to store my yarn and my books on the truck. My yarn quickly outgrew the one for yarn and so we put the books in a box and the yarn in the second container. Now it is organized by sock and dishcloth and then the other container has the yarn I bought for the Kerry sweater from Black Water Abbey Yarn, (which looks a whole lot better than the picture shows) and other miscellaneous yarns such as the yarn I bought to knit the dog a sweater and the gloss that I bought for the DH and some other wool that I can’t remember what it is.

I hope that we get out of Dallas and they send us back east. We have requested to go to Louisville, KY for next weekend so that we can go to the Mid-America Truck Show. Think Stitches on steroids with everything geared towards Semi trucks. We went last year and weren’t able to get there until the last day and we only saw half of the show. We got the things we went for, but we didn’t see any of the show trucks or the trucks they have set up to look at and missed all of the music, etc. Also, I hope the weather is better this year than it was last year. It was so cold when you had to stand in line for the shuttle buses and stuff.

I hope you have had a good St. Patrick’s Day!!!


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