I finally got some pictures taken of my “finished object”. I have several dishcloths and the pair of socks that I was working on for my DH. I was trying to upload the pictures, but they seem to not want to show up in my blog. You can look at the things I have finished here. Technical glitches that I can’t fix sometimes drive me nuts…;-)

In the “on the Road” part of this blog, we are traveling across Texas on our way to Laredo. The temperature is a balmy 83 degrees, the sky is blue with large, fat, fluffy white clouds scattered across it. It sure is different than the 12 to 18 degrees that we were experiencing as late as Wednesday up in the Chicago area. Tuesday night in Janesville, WI it snowed on us. Only about an inch or inch and a half, but it was still white, it was still precipitation and it was still cold.

I was going to post some pictures of what we did on Sunday, while we were still stuck in Rapid City, SD. If you would like to look at the pictures of our “mini-vacation” please go here.

I am looking forward to finding out who I am partnered up with for Secret Pal #10.
I have some ideas for thing to find for my PAL as we travel around, but I have been patiently waiting until I find out some more about them. What I like, might not be what they like and I don’t want to buy or make or anything something that isn’t going to fit them to a T.

I guess that’s all the news that fit to print. Hope everyone that might just take a glance at this is have a wonderful day and a better weekend.



One thought on “Finally…

  1. Just wanted to say hello and let you know how much fun it is to read your posts as you travel from here to there. I’m completely stuck at home more often than not, so it’s extra fun for me to follow you around! I think my blog is the next step from you on the Knitting Blogs ring, that’s how I found you. Happy and safe travels!

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