Such Variety

You remember one of the last posts I made I talked about the 4-5 foot snow drifts and the cold temps….Ain’t so anymore. We are in Laredo, TX and the temp is 85 degrees. Such a change from where we were just a few days ago. Instead of having to bundle up, we are wearing T-shirts and crop pants (at least I am). I overheard in the truckstop one of the clerks commenting on someone complaining about the heat. She said that we don’t know what hot is, because they still think that it is cold here. I told her that if you come from -12 below to this, it is hot, but a welcome change.

We are heading to L.A. with this load and I thought, Oh, wouldn’t Stitches West be great fun. I then looked at the location of Stitches West and unless we get a load going north, I don’t think that DH will drive the 300 miles or so that would take us to Santa Clara…..but oh what fun would be had by all. I guess I’m still holding out for the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival.

I am still working on the DH’s socks, but ran into what looks like it will be a snag. I guess that it just didn’t compute with me that 50 grams of worsted weight wool is not going to be enough to make socks for him and I started them anyway. Now I am going to have to knit until the yarn runs out and then wait until we go by my mom’s and can pick up the yarn that I ordered from Webs. It was a good thing that I kept the online receipt I had gotten from them, because when I was looking at the yarn in the pictures on the website, I would have ordered a totally different color than what I was using. The yarn I had was soft brown and I would have ordered something with a name of gold something because it looked closer to what I was using than the soft brown did. Also, when I was on the website, I had to add a couple of things to the order, don’t ya know. Now I have something to look forward to when we get to mom’s.

I was looking at a couple of blogs, and I saw some really good comments and recommendations about Sweet Georgia yarns. I decided to go and look at her stuff, and found out that she is planning to take a hiatus of at least 6 months, soooooo I just had to find some Sweet Georgia Yarn. I found and bought, so will have that the next time we make it to West Virginia. I also bought some Austerman Step yarn bacause I want to knit up some for socks for my mother who has perpetually dry feet. I’m thinking that the aloe and jojoba will help with that.

I have copied and saved the pattern for the Mid-month Dishcloth KAL, but I haven’t started on it yet. I also haven’t finished the one from the first of the month, even though I have the patter all printed out and everything. I started to work on these socks, and everything else kind of fell by the wayside. I probably could finish the one from the first of the month tonight or tomorrow and then finish the one from my knitting book and then I would have finished up 2 of the 4 wips. I think that it would make DH happy if I did that, especially since I bought new yarn (he doesn’t know that yet) and it would make room in my bag for some of the sock yarn that is in my stash box, then my stash box wouldn’t look so full and THAT would definately make him feel better. I have to admit that he is a good sport about the room that I take up with my “stuff” and he doesn’t complain overly much….well okay, he does complain, but doesn’t make me take it off the truck. I keep reminding him that yarn weighs a whole lot less than the myriad of books that I used to have on the truck. I have cut those down to very few since I picked up on the knitting again.

I thik that will have to be all for today. It looks like DH has reached the point in securing the load where he would like for me to help. When we have to tarp a load, I usually go help him….and a lot of the time even when we don’t because we get done faster if I do and he can’t do it all by himself.


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