We got a load on tuesday that picked up in Western Maryland. That was a good thing! 🙂 It went to West Chicago, IL, which put us through the path of that wicked storm that hit the midwest and the northeast. On Tuesday night we stopped for dinner in PA and the ground was covered with slush and ice and snow and it was pouring down rain with a temp of about 20 degrees. It was nasty. We headed out of the truck stop and into Ohio. I had routed us over US 250 and then started to think about the weather and the road (which is mountainous and twisty and two laned) and decided that I had better find another way. I’m glad I did. The way we went was bad enough. We saw no less than 4 truck accidents and countless cars off in the ditch because the roads were slick as snot and people were just driving too fast.

Tuesday night we found a parking space in a rest area and went to sleep for our allotted 8 hours and got up to about 2 feet of snow and drifts that were as much as 4-6 feet. YUK! As we were getting dressed and stuff, we watched three or four trucks struggle to get through the drifts of the parking area. It was literally pushing the snow out of the way with the bumper and dragging your load over the drifts that had accumulated between the tractor and the trailer. About the time the 3rd truck was working his way out, two plow trucks showed up. they wanted to clean the parking lot but were unable to because of the trucks. They helped the one that was having trouble with the ice by putting salt or sand under his tires and he finally got out. That left us and one other truck. We weren’t going anywhere fast because of the drifts and a 44,000 lb load of lumber, not to mention the ice that was under all of that snow. We couldn’t get any traction. So my dh got out and asked for some sand or salt from the snow plow guy, and then he helped the other truck out of his space, and by the time he got done, we able to just drive out because the salt and sand and my dh with a shovel, had worked their magic and we pulled out without anymore trouble.

During the time that we were trying to get out and waiting and all, I was knitting on the pair of socks that I’m making. I was going to town, too, and got lots done. Then last night, after our little Valentine’s day party for the ds, I made copies of the sock fitting sheet from Crazy Toes and Heels and decided that the socks that I was working so dilligently on were not going to fit anyone that lives in our house and unless you are a duck, they wouldn’t have fit you either. So we visited frog city and tore them out back to where there were the correct number of stitches on the needles an will continue them again from there so that they will fit the dh. Ds said he wanted them, but I had already promised them to the dh, so ds will have to wait.

I haven’t worked on any of the other wips, because I want to get the socks done, and now that I have measured all of the feet in our family, I will be able to make socks that actually fit and will actually be worn.

Now we are on our way down to Gregory, TX which is real near Corpus Christie….hopefully it will be warm down there. I’m about tired of this cold weather. I’ve taken to wearing my silk long john shirt under the sweater just for the extra layer.

I guess that is all for now…..have a great one.


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