Pictures of WIPS

This is a picture of February KAL for Monthly Dishcloths on Yahoo Groups. I am about 1/3 of the way finished with it and will work on it when we get back in the truck. I have the pattern printed out and everytime I am down there I forget it and when I want it, it’s too much to go down the loooonnngg driveway and get it. Next week….I’ll think about that next week. 🙂
This is some Alacama wool that is 100% alpaca wool I found at A.C. Moore for $3.97 a hank. There is 50g in each hank, so I bought two so that I can make a pair of socks. This color is for socks for my sister.
This color is for me. I bought this one first and went back and bought the other two the next day because the price is so good and the colors are wonderful as well.
This final color, by default, will become a pair of socks for my mother. She will be surprised.

I have some other pictures of wips that I will post on another post so that it doesn’t get too labor intensive to download if you have a slow connection.

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