The vagaries of the Trucking world

You know…sometimes I just don’t get it. We ask to go home or at least run through town to pick up our mail and can our dispatcher get us with 200 miles? NOOOO. We deliver one load and he asks if we need to get home this weekend and we respond no, and what does he do? He gets us a load that delivers to the college in the town where we live. We have NEVER had a load that delivered with 100 miles of here, but we don’t want to go home and here we are. It just baffles me.

Oh well, I will just accept the fact that I can pick up some mail and hopefully my knitting stuff, or at least some of it, that I have ordered online and go with it.

I really need to get a camera that will work for taking pictures. I want to post the pictures of my wip’s, but my camera won’t work….waaaaahhhhh. I am still working on the socks, they kind of look like elf socks with a square toe, but when I say I want to frog them, DH says to finish them and he will wear them and to chock it up to experience. I guess I will and then just go on to the next pair knowing what I did wrong. I also hope that the sock book I ordered will be in the mail when we get it. I want to learn to do toe up on two circ’s without square toes. The book I ordered is by Queen Kahuna and should allow me to fix the problem of the square toes.

The scarf is still coming along and is quite pretty…ds wants it done now. Impatient little boys! LOL

I also have two discloths otn…one is the February KAL from Monthly discloths and the other is from a book called Knitter’s Stash: Favorite Patterns from America’s Yarn Shops. I adore this book. It has so many patterns that I want to knit up. I used it for Christmas presents. I was looking for some dishcloth patterns and when I went into my favorite LYS, they showed me this book. The patterns aren’t really for dishcloths, but for face cloths made of Linen, but they worked well and were a really good size for that purpose. Not only that, it has a listing of a bunch of LYS’s in it. My favorite LYS in Bozeman, Montana is in there. I want to try some of the shops in our travels across the country.

We are planning to be home the first full weekend in May so that we can go to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival . I have been before, but dh never has and he said it sounded like fun, so he will take me. I will get to shop….I never turn that down, and dh and ds will get to see sheep and dogs and other stuff that appeals to the “boys”.

It’s cold here with the chance of snow tonight. We got out of the mid-west just in time to miss the snow, but it looks like it followed us and will be here tonight. Bummer!!! I don’t want snow.

Well that’s all for today….must get some things together to get some of the clutter off of the truck when we actually make it home. DH is outside repairing things and taking things out of his trailer boxes, so I must take some things out of the inside of the truck.


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