Sitting in Delaware

Here we sit in Deleware waiting for a load. I have been working on the scarf that I am making for my sister off and on today, at least when I haven’t been online looking for the perfect sock pattern to overcome my trepidation and intimidation of beginning a pair of socks. Having never done it before, I am just a little leary and kind of scared. I don’t know if my knitting skills will stand up to making a pair of socks. Oooohhhh well….I guess I’m just gonna do it.

I am sitting in the front of the truck having just gotten off the phone with my moher and getting her email program straightened out for her. My family is in the back watching an opera on PBS…it seems to be rather hilarious. I am writing in my blog. I am going to be more faithful about writing in this than I have been on my other blog.

I want to finish the Mid month discloth that I am working on and the scarf and then I can start some other projects.

I keep reading about people resolving to knit from their stash this year rather than buy anymore yarn. I don’t have to make a resolution like that. I was told the other day that my dh will act as my stash buster. He said until I get some of the started projects done, I can’t buy anymore yarn, and all of this after what I said about him being such a good DH and not grousing about my stash. MEN!!!!

I guess I will take my knitting and go in the back and watch this silly opera.



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